Floating City Developer

DeltaSync B.V. - Delft

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Job title: Floating City Developer

Location: Delft, The Netherlands

Category: Project management and coordination, R & D

Job type: Permanent (1-year), 0.8 FTE

Language: English, Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, Spanish, (Dutch)

Degree: Master’s degree

Job description:

Key responsibilities

-          Be the main coordinator for several projects (English and Mandarin Chinese required)

-          Provide stand-by assistance, including making visualization and maquettes, for existing projects

-          Conduct researches and provide scientific writings

-          Assist with public relations and marketing

-          Explore and develop new projects


Main Tasks

-          Coordinate internally and externally to successfully carry out your role

-          Research and development in sustainable floating development (water, food and energy nexus)

-          Contact potential clients through email or phone, and will be responsible for creating, maintaining and improving the list of clients

-          Detect market developments on water, and quickly and effectively adapt to notable changes

-          Suggest and take initiatives to improve internal functioning of the company



-          Education: Master degree in water engineering and innovation (with focuses on climate change and marine environment preferred)

-          Trainings/experiences in both design studies and entrepreneurship

-          Language: High proficiency in English, native level of Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese. Other language (e.g. Spanish, Dutch) is a plus.

-          Knowledge about floating development projects around the world

-          At least one-year R & D experience with floating solar PV project

-          Good at Microsoft Office programs and Adobe Design software, including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

-          Experience in building architectural maquettes (familiar with using building tools and materials)

-          Good connection with water authorities and water research institutes within the Netherlands and abroad

-          Experiences in translation and interpretation (needed for international projects)

-          Volunteer/initiative experiences (to increase well-beings of the humanity and environment)

-          Internship/work experience in a multidisciplinary start-up environment

-          Innovative skills and initiative to identify and implement business process improvements and strive for creative solutions



-          Strong communication, coordination and networking skills to facilitate information flows across internal and external partners

-          Strong observation and analytical skills for process improvements within organization

-          Willing to learn background knowledge and terminology of new disciplines, particularly marine engineering, electrical engineering and geoecology

-          Flexibility and adaptability. You will be working in a highly dynamic environment. It is important to be able to adapt to new changes and still fulfil your role

About the company

Blue21 is a design and engineering consultancy company and a social enterprise that specializes in sustainable urban development on water. It is the company’s mission to introduce floating development with positive environmental and social impacts as mitigation and adaptation measures to solve the biggest challenges of the 21st century: land scarcity, climate change, over-urbanization and deforestation.

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