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The TDS product range is going to have a midlife kick. Next to adding, some featuring also the looks of the portfolio is going to be changed to the new company colours, for both our colour and B/W products, starting with Colourwave 500, 700+ and 900. For this, additional engineering capacity is needed in the mechanical department.

To implement the new colours for the TDS product range the product documentation has to be adapted. Together with the design department it has to be aligned on which parts have to be updated into which colours. Together with quality, assurance also has to be aligned if further adaptions are required to assure a proper production process.

Once the above info is clear, the part documentation according to the standards has to be updated. An experienced engineer guidance is available to get acquainted with the Océ departments and standards. Once the Océ documentation is updated, the specifications of external units which also have to be sourced in the new colours, they have to be updated as well.

  • Candidate has a BSc in Mechanical Engineer
  • Profound knowledge of Limo and Creo Elements/Direct Modelling
  • To be successful the candidate is proactive and has good communication skills
  • Candidate has profound knowledge of English language (verbal and in writing), knowledge of Dutch is highly advantageous

Océ Technologies B.V.

The Consumables Processes departments are, as part of the Océ R&D organization, responsible for the development of printing (imaging) processes and consumable materials (inks, toners, print heads, etc.) to be applied in innovative print systems.

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Mechanical Engineer With Creo Experience - Océ

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