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Functie omschrijving

The job

You are a convincing and energizing Agile Coach who is passionate about communication, group dynamics and coaching. You are not afraid to raise issues and continuously drive behavioral change.

You attend and support DevOps ceremonies such as sprint planning and retrospectives and provide coaching for squad members, Product Owners and IT Area Leads. You are broadly recognized as a role model in the DevOps way of working and through your commitment and integrity you are a trusted advisor for everyone around you.

You create a work environment with focus on continuous improvement and broad collaboration, where the common goal is twofold: delivering reliable infrastructure services to the consumer, and becoming a high performing agile organization.

 What you do (Capabilities)

  1. Facilitate adoption of and improvements in the DevOps way of working within squads and IT Areas

  2. Support squads in achieving their mission

  3. Drive broad collaboration and alignment between squads and their stakeholders

Competencies – Skills

  1. Deep knowledge in DevOps and agile methodologies

  2. Broad understanding of technologies and consumer needs

  3. High level knowledge of coding or scripting languages and automation tooling

 Competencies – Behaviours

  1. Strong leadership and people management competence

  2. Natural self-motivation and drive to take end-to-end ownership

  • Professional and intellectual IT ability at university level - at least Bachelor's degree

  • Extensive experience in both engineering and leadership roles in Agile teams, e.g. as Scrum Master, Product Owner, DevOps Engineer

  • Experience from working in high performing Agile teams

  • Track record of increasing performance and organizational health by applying Agile and DevOps principles

  • Track record of elevating DevOps maturity through training, coaching and change management

  • Certifications and/or proven proficiency in one or more programming/scripting languages

  • Excellent command of spoken and written Dutch and English

  • Kandidaten moeten ervaring hebben als agile coach en ervaring met Devops.

  • Kandidaten moeten begrip hebben van de gehanteerde technische omgeving (hands-on ervaring niet nodig).

  • Agile Coach is coach van 3 tot 4 Squads

  • Stevige persoonlijkheid; is de champion van de verandering

  • Nieuwe organisatie start per 15-11-2016. Kandidaten moeten eerder kunnen starten, maar later starten is in overleg bespreekbaar (bij voorkeur niet).

  • Engelstalig is toegestaan.

  • Inzet full-time (32 bespreekbaar, maar liever 36-40)

 NOTE: Naast het CV moet er ook een kort “essay” van de kandidaat worden aangeboden, waarin hij/zij uitlegt hoe hij/zij de performance van een team heeft verhoogd op het gebied van Agile én DevOps. Wat is er geïmplementeerd en wat was het resultaat.


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