Enthusiastic pedagogical worker

Zorg en Welzijn plein -  Rijswijk

Functie omschrijving

True Colors Delft is an international childcare center at the TU Delft campus. We have a fabulous place to play and learn. In a safe environment with a warm and friendly feel. Nature and sustainability are at the heart of what we offer our children. We want the children and their parents to feel at home at True Colors and like to offer them a warm welcome. We speak both English and Dutch with the children
True Colors Delft works closely together with the International School Delft, which is situated in the same building. They work with the Primary Years Program. Together, we want to offer a continuous learning environment for children from 0-12 years. That is why in the daycare center we will work with the same themes and in the same way as the school in order to make the transition to school as easy as possible for the children.

Bedrijf: Stichting Rijswijkse Kinderopvang

From our new colleague we ask the following:

Is in possession of the appropriate certificate on at least MBO-level 3according to the collective agreement for childcare. Preference for level 4 in connection with the setting up of an international location

Thinks highly of pedagogical quality and shows that to colleagues and parents

Speaks and writes Dutch well (level HAVO = 3F)

Speaks English well and writes English reasonable

Takes initiatives and is a team player

Is flexible to work with and is flexible in working hours

Has good communicative skills

Sees parents as partners, listens to their wishes, searches for solutions together with the parents

Has a self assured attitude about her pedagogical knowledge and our pedagogical system and is able to propagate that to parents

Has an understanding attitude towards parents and children because of their step to a foreign country, with an unknown culture, habits, laws, rules and guidelines

Is well informed about developments within Childcare and within the international community

Is acquainted with the teaching methods of the international schools, especially the International School Delft and connects with that way of working in the daycare centre

Is informed about the different cultures and their effect on children. Anticipates on that in a way that the child still can develop optimal

Is informed about the development of language with bi- or multilingual children

Knows how to give children a safe haven, if they do not know how to express themselves with languag

Our preference is for someone who has English as their native language, but it is necessary to also speak Dutch very well.