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Freelancers United zoekt een Sales Development Representative voor The Next Ad:


                                    Sales Development Representative – Amsterdam


The Next Ad (TNA) is an award winning Facebook & Instagram Ad Tech partner looking to expand it’s team on sales, customer success, development, marketing, support and administration. We work closely with Instagram & Facebook but also with our clients making them successful with their marketing campaigns. TNA helps its clients achieve the best results ranging from an average 30% up to 300% ROI!


Develops on inbound leads – MDR gets an inbound lead from the nurturing system, from the website, or receives an inbound lead from an event such as a webinar.


- Responds within 5-10 minutes on an inbound:

• Performs brief research

• Identifies relevant use-cases

• Prepares best questions to ask

• Hyper personalized outreach via email, phone or social. - Responds via phone and email

- Strikes an insightful conversation

- (dis) Qualifies the opportunity

- Sets up a disco/demo call

- Transfers/briefs to Account Executive


What does it mean to work at TNA?

- Working at TNA means that you will go where no one has ever gone before. You’ll be building a product and company with your team which consists out of professionals, experts and senior members with over 200 years of experience in their respective fields. Working at a fast growing company like TNA is winning on both personal and business level. You’ll be able to expand your horizon if you’re up for the challenge.

- Your team will be fun to work with

- You’ll be working for top clients who pick their partners carefully

- We’ll support you in your personal growth, we don’t believe in limits or boundaries



- A great team to spend your time with and laugh a lot!

- Awesome clients to work for like Heineken, Catawiki, Under Armour, Takeaway etc

- Delicious daily lunch and drinks

- Too big and cool office bar filled with beer and drinks for the end of your work week. - Great office space located near Amsterdam Central Station (5 min)



- Cultural fit: we think your personality is the most important aspect of your job. If you have the skills but you’re a douche bag we won’t hire you 😉

- 3+ years of relevant experience.

- Exceptional communication skills: You can show how you properly spell words and piece sentences together; and how you’re concise, yet effective, when writing emails and social media posts. You can articulate your point when speaking. You’re accessible to people and you follow-up fast.

- Professionalism & Tact: You can prove how you hold yourself to high standards. You lead by example. Stay classy: Look and act like a polished professional. Exude self and situational awareness.

- Energy & self drive: You can prove how you hustle. You can show when you’ve taken something from x to y in a given time frame. Bring your A game – every day.

- Organization & efficiency: You can prove that you’ve got your act together. You don’t think how to get things done, you just get things done. You can set your priorities perfectly.

- Research & identify: You can research how the company’s offering can help businesses. You can identify a client’s problem and match that with a solution the company is offering.

- Passion: You’re passionate about sales, technology and how businesses work.



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debbie (freelancersunited)
1017XD Amsterdam

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  • €1750 - €2500 euro
  • €2500 - €3500 euro

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  • 40 uur
  • 32-40 uur

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  • Direct


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  • HBO
  • WO/Universitair


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  • Communicatie/PR/journalistiek
  • Online marketing/E-commerce/media


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