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In F&B we believe in giving our crew the autonomy and space they need to do what they do best every day. The Clink Managers support, develop, and coach teams, and explore on how to improve the experience of our fellow travellers at ClinkNOORD.

The Key Responsibilities

In short:
·         You will be responsible for the smooth day-to-day operation of the F&B outlets meaning that all outlets are open on time, well set up, with enough of happy people in the teams, all products are available, atmosphere is great and everyone feels happy
·         You will work closely with all teams in creating a great atmosphere for our travellers. That could be done but participating in small events, by engaging with guests, by correct lighting, music and much more
·         You will coach and develop the outlets through the people working in them
·         You will be responsible for key financial indicators in your areas: till reports, cost control, revenue control and stock control. You will do this by analysing the data/results and provide solutions and action plans on how to improve these
·         You will monitor guest experience by regularly reviewing ratings/reviews but also by just talking to our guests on daily basis
·         You are the driver of the food and beverage hygiene (HACCP) in your outlets and you ensure your teams do so too.
In more detail (though not exhaustive):

ClinkHostels is a social hub for travellers and fundamental to creating a warm environment are our teams.
·         Lead and champion the Clink Values as mentioned above
·         Being In-Tune with Our Guests as well as our teams, promoting but also coordinating the Difference within teams and be dedicated to make a difference in lives of those we work with
·         Be the host and initiator of good vibe and inspire your teams to strive for great atmosphere for our guests
·         Work closely with the Team Leads and the teams on creating a positive fun work atmosphere
·         Share all necessary information with your teams to make everyone go the same direction and to be aware what is happening in Clink
·         Develop strong and independent teams and outlets in order to create the culture of shared responsibility (everyone is able to do all tasks and they also voluntarily take them on
·         Assist and inspire the crew to handle what everyday brings
·         Communicate and meet regularly with your Food and Beverage Manager and other Heads of Department to ensure a professional, cohesive and efficient management of ClinkHostels
·         Prepare the teams monthly work schedules according to the business levels

Clink facilitates great travel experiences for guests.
·         Be an advocate of GEM (Guest Experience Meetings) and actively encourage teams to participate in creating a positive travel memories to our guests
·         Fully responsible for the smooth day-to-day operation of your outlets; correct scheduling, atmosphere, efficient ordering, food hygiene, cleanliness, and maintenance
·         Participate in planning and organising small events, and inspire teams to participate and to engage guests in those
·         Review and update menus in all outlets on regular basis so that they stay attractive, fun and economically good.
·         Promote innovation and initiatives that ensure Clink stays ahead in the market by being in-tune with their guests as well as the market. This relates to the product and pricing in bar as well as the layout, atmosphere and music.

All businesses must be profitable to be sustainable.
·         Know your financial goals (revenues, costs, daily targets) and inspire your teams to work towards those
·         Control costs on daily basis (wastage, breakage, correct scheduling, correct charging, etc.)
·         You will be in charge of evaluating the cash ups and following up with teams on any questions these may raise
·         Develop good working relationship with suppliers
·         You will be looking after the POS systems and its updating
·         Together with F&B Manager you will generate the financial information on regular basis, evaluate and contribute to the monthly management reports
ClinkHostels are part of a wider community; a community of staff, travellers, other Clink teams, the hostel industry and your local community.
·         Bring the ‘In-Tune’ value to life by knowing what is happening in-house, locally and in city in general. This means encourage the crew and people around to connect, network, talk, laugh, and have fun. Take part in workshops, events and take your colleagues with you.
·         Build and keep a good relationship with other ClinkNOORD teams, engage team work and support every day.
The Candidate
This role is only suitable for a candidate with solid F&B background and experience from a hotel, bars or any multiple-outlet environments looking for change. You will enjoy this role if you have healthy ambitions on life and you would like to learn the complete package of running F&B department. At the same time you need to be down-to-earth and humble with fun factor and a little difference.

Please apply if you have managed teams before as that is essential to your success in this role adn please keep in mind that English is our working language.
Looking forward meeting you.
Our Background
At Clink we believe in providing an outstanding guest experience for city explorers. Founded by two sisters who share a genuine love for travel, ClinkHostels is an innovative, fast-growing hostel business that has currently two locations in London totalling 1000 beds and a new hostel with 750 beds in Amsterdam. 

ClinkHostels is a dynamic, independent business with ambitious goals to strategically build a global brand and become a market leader in the international hostel industry.

The Clink Culture is at the core of everything we do and our values are, in summary: Our Guests, In-tune, Dedication and Difference. Our success is built on having capable leaders and an engaged team who understand how to be themselves and bring that across to our guests.

Our Environment:
All work areas and all roles in Clink exist to ensure great experiences and amazing travel memories for our guests. ClinkHostels is a social hub for travellers and we enable this environment by informing, welcoming, serving breakfast, coffee and cakes and ensuring that guests have an awesome time in the bar when the night falls. The Food and Beverage teams are the Vibe curators of ClinkNOORD, with full responsibility for the atmosphere.

Our Location
This August we celebrated one year of being opened here in North Amsterdam. We are located just across the 'IJ river, 5 minutes ferry ride from Central Station. The area is up-coming with lots of building work and developments. Our travellers enjoy the peace and quiet surroundings as well as the close proximity to city centre.

Our Outlets
The Early Bird Breakfast - all-you can eat concept for a small price that our travellers love
The CatalystCAFE - barista coffee, home-baked sweets, homemade ice tea, fresh juices and much more
The ZincBAR – is the social space in evenings, catering for solo travellers, friends and groups. We do regular small events and have our own ping pong table ready to 'break the ice'. We are proud to be serving large Amsterdam beer selection; organize beer and jenever tastings, serve classic cocktails, few absinths and much more.
The Kantine - our small but enthusiastic kitchen crew is happily cooking burgers, pizzas, salads, curries, and much more. You can also join them for cooking workshop and cook your own meal every Monday evening.

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