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Quality. Every company claims to have it, but what makes real quality so unique? For a major part, it's beyond what we see. It's in the code. And that needs to be checked every once in a while.

Tell me more...

Poorly developed software could be a silent killer in every company. There is no business without software, and thus no business without code. But what if an organization has a code that doesn't make sense, but they don't know about it? Then they're screwed, without even recognizing their own problem.

This company fixes problems even before they come up. It's their core business to run through the software of their clients to detect problems and code defaults. They use automated source code analysis to gather facts and give independent advice about what's best for their clients. And this advice, based purely on the facts, takes their clients one step forward instead of three steps back.

Sounds nice! What could I do?

You will be the Software Consultant, which means that you are in contact with the clients about what's best for them to do. Questions about the code and software are yours to answer, so the priorities are loud and clear for the clients.
Furthermore, you will be in close touch with the clients about the projects after that initial advice. The productiveness of the teams, trends in software, and development of software quality are the main themes in these interactions. There's also an internal part of the job, which comes down to the further development of the tooling program, pre-sales support, and research.

What do I need to bring?

In a job where code and software are the main business, you already have this technical expertise. You know the IT industry and its trends, frameworks, and software development strategies.

Because you're a consultant, you know how to communicate at an empathic level, and bringing bad news isn't hard for you, thanks to your tactical strategy. In other words: you can bring the code to life with normal language for every client, without forgetting the technical details.

What's in it for me?

Depending on your experience, the salary varies between €5.000 and €7.500, but that's even without holiday pay and travel allowance. Working in The Hague, your terms of employment are something to really enjoy. You'll have the chance to work with many different software systems in a variety of sectors. And for the ambitious ones, there is enough chance to grow to management positions. What's not to like? The Apply button is not far away.



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