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PhD candidate Heart tissue engineering and regeneration

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Cardiac tissue engineered constructs hold immense potential for the treatment of heart failure, a disease that is reaching pandemic proportions. However, conventional tissue engineered cardiac constructs lack cellular organization, and, by far, do not recapitulate the complex native tissue characteristics of the myocardium. As a result, these constructs cannot provide forceful contractions to support the damaged patients’ heart, hindering clinical progress. Therefore, novel, original approaches are urgently needed to overcome this major challenge of recreating the complexity of cardiac tissue in vitro. Recently our group has successfully developed highly functional human iPS cell-derived heart tissues by combining iPS cell technology, and biomaterials, providing an important first step to more clinically-relevant cardiac constructs. With recent developments in cardiac-specific cell type differentiations from iPS cells, novel mechanisms to induce maturation, techniques to scale up cell production, novel biomaterials and tailored culture environments, the next step awaits. In this project you will develop state-of-the-art in vitro 3D cardiac tissues and evaluate their cellular organization and interactions, biomechanical properties, and contractile function.


Research efforts in our lab are focused on the development of regenerative therapies for cardiac disease. Our dedicated lab for cardiac regenerative medicine research within the Regenerative Medicine Center of the UMC Utrecht provides a workplace that is highly collaborative and multidisciplinary. Additionally, our group is part of the multidisciplinary program ‘Circulatory health’ of the UMCU and provides a stimulating environment for scientific growth. The UMCU is located in the scientific campus of the Utrecht University, the largest university of the Netherlands, with access to a large number of facilities. Utrecht is a beautiful historical city located in the center of the Netherlands, close to Amsterdam and its international airport.


You are self-motivated and ambitious, driven by curiosity and has a strong interest in tissue engineering and in vitro cardiovascular tissue model systems. You (nearly) completed a master of science program (MSc) in a relevant area of research such asregenerative medicine, cell biology, or biomedical sciences. You have Experience with tissue culture and general molecular biology techniques is desired, experience with induced pluripotent stem cells is a plus. You like to work in a highly collaborative and multidisciplinary environment, both as part of a team and independently. You communicate effectively with others, particularly with regard to the presentation of scientific data.

Het salaris voor deze 100% functie bedraagt maximaal € 3.196,00 bruto per maand op basis van een fulltime dienstverband (werkweek van 36 uur). Het betreft een tijdelijke arbeidsovereenkomst voor Fixed-term for up to 4 years.

Onze arbeidsvoorwaarden zijn conform de Cao Universitair Medische Centra (UMC). Wij bieden onder andere een eindejaarsuitkering van 8,3%, vakantietoeslag, een reiskostenvergoeding woon-werkverkeer en diverse opleidingsmogelijkheden. Bekijk onze arbeidsvoorwaarden en diverse extra's.

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