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Store Sales Manager


You lead and inspire your team to optimise the shopping experience to secure satisfied customers and increased sales and profitability in your store. You achieve this using your knowledge of the IKEA-product range, the local market, competition and customers. Your leadership is based on performing and delivering while learning and developing in the business. You use the IKEA-tools and expertise of your team and your colleagues to support you. In your strategies and actions, you always consider and steer the business in a multichannel retail environment, particularly the IKEA-store and IKEA-website. You actively work towards fulfilling the four tasks of the IKEA-store: • to act as a highly efficient, and staffed, sales mechanism • to show home furnishing solutions full of inspiring home furnishing ideas • to serve as a well-qualified home furnishing specialist • to provide a day out for the whole family. • You have experience of setting and implementing action plans and budgets, and following up goals. YOU HAVE: Ability to lead business through people by demonstrating strong leadership capabilities. Ability to make things happen by championing flexibility, speed and simplicity. A considered decision-maker. Your leadership is based on performing and delivering while learning and developing. Ability to develop knowledge of the local market and business conditions quickly and take commercial decisions based on this information Business-minded and result-driven with a customer focus. Experience of leading and developing people with good results. Experience of setting and implementing action plans, budgets and following up goals. Understand profit and loss and how to affect its result through departmental actions. Experience of taking commercial decisions based on local market information. Ability to manage a variety of activities in parallel. Ability to communicate in English. Ability to engage a receiver by creating a passion for your plans. Ability to confront and manage poor performance. Proven ability to understand cause and effect of decisions. The IKEA values reflect your own values. Experience gained in a shopkeeper role in the IKEA store with proven results, Sales department experience preferred . Ability to influence in a matrix organisation.


Secure a consistent, seamless positive customer experience through all channels by ensuring that your department is always striving to fulfil the three IKEA-customer motivators: "Is it worth it?", "Can I trust IKEA", "Is there something for me? Ensure your shopkeepers have the right number of co-workers in the right place at the right time to run their shops successfully and ensure their co-workers are ready and available to serve customers and help them buy. Deliver and lead the commercial action plan for your store; taking input from the team and the matrix manager to ensure the department supports the achievement of the agreed goals for the country, maximises sales and generates sustained long-term profitability. Secure successful implementation of country priorities and the sharing and implementing of good solutions. Ensure your shopkeepers understand the multichannel retail environment they are working in and know how to use this in the best and most commercial way for different customers. Analyse the qualitative performance of your store using IKEA-research tools to improve the IKEA mechanical sales system and easy buying process through all channels. Know your local market potential and work with your team and other functions to ensure your store is locally relevant throughout the different sales channels. Follow up your financial goals, KPIs and costs, and take action on deviations. Motivate and develop team members by agreeing clear goals, expectations and conducting follow-ups. Secure competent and high-performing teams and leaders who inspire and empower every co-worker to recognise and understand their contribution. Identify and develop the many talents within the department to secure succession planning. Understand the IKEA social and environmental commitments and know how you can contribute to sustainability.


We are the ones meeting our customers – in our stores, online, in our catalogue and beyond. We have knowledge of the IKEA product range, local markets and customer needs and we constantly find new ways of making real connections with our customers to maximize sales and profitability. Together with thousands of colleagues around the world we’re a diverse team working for the continued global success of the IKEA Concept – a concept that helps millions of customers create a better everyday life!


From the deep forests in Sweden, we have spread our culture and values around the world. At the heart of our offer are our beautiful home-furnishing products and solutions, made with care for our planet, reaching millions of customers. At the heart of our business, are our wonderful co-workers representing diversity in all dimenĀ­sions and passionate for life at home. We all contribute with our uniqueness and we want to grow and develop together. Our vision, “to create a better everyday life for the many people” inspires and guides us in everything we do. This is IKEA. WHAT WE ALL HAVE IN COMMON Living our values Being your unique self, while respecting and including others A passion for home furnishing Performing & delivering while learning & developing Having fun!

Uren per week: Full Time