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Assistant Professor(s) or Associate Professor(s) Digital Design

Faculty Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS) brings together three disciplines - electrical engineering, mathematics and computer science. Combined, they reinforce each other and are the driving force behind the technology we use in our daily lives. Technology such as the electricity grid, which our faculty is helping to make future-proof. We are also working on a world in which humans and computers reinforce each other. We are mapping out disease processes using single cell data, and using mathematics to simulate gigantic ash plumes after a volcanic eruption. There is plenty of room here for ground-breaking research. We educate innovative engineers and have excellent labs and facilities that underline our strong international position. In total, more than 1,100 employees and 4,000 students work and study in this innovative environment.

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Functie omschrijving

The Department of Microelectronics has tenure-track Assistant Professor openings in digital in digital system and circuit design:

  • High-speed communication: Hardware realization of signal processing/machine learning algorithms for use in communication SoCs or other large digital hardware architectures;

  • Ultra-low-power for biomedical applications: Ultra-low-power hardware realization of signal processing/machine learning/control algorithms for use in smart sensors and biomedical implants.

Generic platforms (FPGA) and emerging technologies (neuromorphic computing) are of interest.
The positions are intended to strengthen our research lines in Health & Well-being, Next Generation Wireless Communications, and Autonomous Sensor Systems.

TU Delft is a world-class university ranked 21st in engineering and technology in the 2020 Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Established in 1842, it is the largest and oldest institute of technology in the Netherlands. TU Delft's eight faculties are home to over 20,000 students and some 900 academic staff and cover the entire spectrum of technology, with a combined science, engineering and design focus. The Department of Microelectronics has a strong interdisciplinary research and education programme in the areas of microelectronics and digital design, signal processing, microwave systems and radar, and provides excellent microfabrication infrastructure and electrical /physical characterisation facilities.

The Department of Microelectronics, headed by Professor Kofi Makinwa, has a strong interdisciplinary research and education programme in the areas of microelectronics and digital design, signal processing, microwave systems and radar. With 11 IEEE Fellows among the staff, an excellent microfabrication infrastructure, electrical and physical characterization facilities, and a strong international academic and industrial network, the department provides high-level expertise in each of these areas throughout the entire system chain. Microelectronics is fundamentally a multi-disciplinary field of research, exploring the physics, materials and chemistry required tomake devices work. It is also multidisciplinary with regard to its widevariety of applications, as it plays a crucial role in all fields ofinnovation, ranging from advanced health care to telecommunications andsmart grids. The ever-increasing demand for processing power, sensingcapabilities and miniaturisation makes microelectronics a highlyinnovative research field.

Functie eisen

Candidates should have (1) a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering or a closely related disciplne, with outstanding academic credentials, (2) several years of working experience as a Postdoctoral Researcher in an academic institution, and (3) the ambition to be a future scientific leader in one of the mentioned areas.
Excellently qualified but more senior researchers are also invited to apply.


For candidates at the Assistant Professor level we offer an initial temporary position with the prospect of a permanent contract. The duration of the temporary position is depending on (academic) experience. At the start of your employment, section leader, department leader and you will agree upon expected performance and (soft) skills as part of a development plan. You will receive formal feedback on performance and skills during annual assessment meetings and during a formal evaluation after a maximum of 2.5 years. If the performance and skills are evaluated positively during this formal evaluation, you will be employed in a permanent Assistant Professor position.
The salary range for an Assistant Professor position is 3.637 – 5.656 euro gross per month. The salary range for an Associate Professor position is 5.039 – 6.738 euro gross per month. Starting salary for Assistant and Associate Professor is based on level of knowledge and (postdoctoral) experience.

This position comes with a start-up package including funding for research travel and a four year PhD student position.

The TU Delft offers a customisable compensation package, a discount for health insurance and sport memberships, and a monthly work costs contribution. Flexible work schedules can be arranged. Coming to Delft Service and Partner Career Advice can support with advice for you and your accompanying partner about your individual settling needs in the Netherlands. Once arrived you can be supported with individual consults and diverse workshops. Located on campus are the International Children’s Centre and an international primary school which are subject to availability as well as several bilingual schools in the nearby surrounding. Salary and benefits are in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities.
The TU Delft sets specific standards for the English competency of the teaching staff. The TU Delft offers training to improve English competency.
Inspiring, excellent education is our central aim. If you have less than five years of experience and do not yet have your teaching certificate, you get the chance to obtain this within three years.

Informeren en solliciteren

For information about this vacancy, you can contact Prof. Kofi Makinwa, Head of department, email: k.a.a.makinwa@tudelft.nl.
For information about the selection procedure, please contact Marjolein van der Heijden, HR advisor, email: vacancies-eemcs@tudelft.nl.

To apply, please e-mail a detailed CV that includes a list of publications, contact information of at least three scientists whom we can contact for letters of recommendation, and a research and teaching statement along with a letter of application to vacancies-eemcs@tudelft.nl before June 30, 2020. When applying please refer to vacancy number TUD00220.

A pre-employment screening can be part of the application procedure.

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Salaris: € 3.637,- tot € 4.978,- per maand