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PwC Honours Master Class


The PwC Honours Master provides you with a competitive edge to your resume. The Master is characterized by a unique combination of theory and practice in accounting, auditing and control. The programme is developed in close cooperation with PwC and includes significant interaction with the business community through guest speakers, projects with practitioners, business games, drinks, and internship opportunities.

The programme is of high academic standards that are recognized both nationally and internationally. The Honours Master facilitates students’ admittance without any deficiencies to the post initial education for Certified Public Accountant (CPA; in Dutch: registeraccountant [RA]) or Certified Controller (in Dutch: registercontroller [RC]). The Master will continuously accommodate the developments in the field and the demands of professional organizations, to guarantee a state-of-the-art education.

You are not required to work for PwC upon completion of the programme. If you wish, you need to apply to PwC for a graduate position.

Academic field

The Honours Master covers all aspects of reporting relevant and reliable financial information to internal and external stakeholders. It also deepens your understanding of advanced valuation methods. You will get familiarized with techniques and theoretical frameworks that enable you to think independently and critically about how auditing and control are practiced. The academic staff of the ESE, involved with the Honours Master has substantial professional accounting and business experience along with excellent teaching credentials, permitting them to share their “real-life” experiences and bring real world perspective into the classroom.


As an Honours Master student, you will attend the core curriculum in a special Honours Master group, thus enhancing the class experience. The core courses, seminars, and a Master’s thesis are distributed over five blocks of eight weeks. The core courses help you to get acquainted with a wide range of topics that are essential for accounting, auditing & control, and provide a solid background for attending the seminars. The last two blocks of the programme are devoted to the Master’s thesis. The thesis is written individually under close supervision by one of our academic staff members. Additionally, each student in the Honours Master will be assigned a coach by PwC, who will facilitate you in managing study and career (not necessarily with PwC) throughout the year. This will include help with successfully completing the Master’s thesis. If possible, PwC will provide opportunities to combine the Master’s thesis with an internship.

The curriculum further includes one unique course that is only open to Honours Master students. This course is an in-house course at PwC that will provide practical perspectives on risk and control. You will visit companies and explore how these companies manage risks with respect to fraud, acquisitions, treasury and internal controls.

Extracurricular activities

PwC will organize numerous extracurricular activities that are aimed at learning, team building, meeting practitioners and having fun. These activities will include a kick-off event, the “best student award”, an international business game, the celebration of the successful completion of the Honours Master, and numerous opportunities to get acquainted with practice.

Career prospects

This is an exciting time to pursue a career in the accounting and assurance profession. There has never been a greater need for thought leadership combined with hands-on knowledge. The Honours Master will prepare excellent students that are ready for an exciting career at the most inspiring multinationals.

Career paths include:

• Chartered Accountant (RA, CPA)

• Chartered Controller (RC)

• Management Consultant

• Financial Economical Expert

• (Senior) managers


Entry Requirements

Applicants for the MSc in Accounting, Auditing and Control programmes should hold an university Bachelor’s degree that the ESE’s Examination Board considers equivalent to a Bachelor’s of Science diploma in Economics & Business the Furthermore, for international students fluency in spoken and written English.

Students who want to apply for this Honours Master have to apply by means of the following procedure.

The the student has to send his/her application, including the admission statement, a letter of motivation, a CV and the bachelor’s grade list, to E . Leung before half of September. After application, you will be admitted for an online assessment. Based on the assessment, a telephone interview with the recruiter of PwC will be scheduled. Based on the results of this interview you will be invited for a second interview with one representative of PwC and one representative of ESE. Half of October you will be notified if you are admitted for the Honours Master. You will be admitted to the Honours Master, conditional upon being admitted to the MSc Accounting, Auditing and Control.

Admitted students are required to attend all activities concerning the Honours Master throughout the year.

Start and Duration

The MSc Accounting, Auditing & Control starts in September and lasts one year (60 ECTS). The programme is taught in English. The kick-off event of the Honours master will be in October.


  • MSc in Accounting, Auditing and Control, specialization Accounting and Auditing.
  • PwC Honours Master certificate

Further information

Contact: E. Leung


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