Wanted Basketball teacher in the China’s biggest metropolis!

The largest metropolis in the China is calling you !

We are looking for a Basketball teacher in who wants to experience the life in the great city of Suzhou.

So are you searching for a (new) job opportunity in China? Do you want to work and live in the biggest metropolis in the world? SportJobbys can provide all of this for you!

About the job
The job consists of giving Basketball classes to kids. Your teaching will help Chinese children to develop sport skills, but having fun and enjoying it is the priority! You will be a key player in showing the children the fun of Basketball.

Your day will consist of teaching children basketball, keeping an eye on their progress and talking with the parents. The parents are very crucial because they want the best for their children by providing them this sport opportunity. You will be judged by the parents and children based on your ability to teach, enthuse and socialize.

So are you that teacher with the ability to teach children in the age of 5 to 10 years old. See the details below and hop on your next adventure by applying!

What you get
*Salary between the 10000RMB and 12000RMB
*Working weeks of 30 hours
* Accommodation provide.
* Paid holidays.
* 1 year contract.
* Visa will be provided.
* And an amazing experience, with the oppertunity to grow in the company!

What we need you to have
* Bachelor degree sports related.
* Experience with Basketball.
* An energetic personality.
* Hands on mentality.
* Love for teaching children.

You will be sleeping, living, eating and enjoying life
* In the great city of Suzhou, click here for more information about the city!

We need you there
* In February/March 

You got all the information you need. So whats next?
1  Send your resume + motivation letter
2 SportJobbys will get in contact with you
3 Job interview with SportJobbys
4 Job interview with the client
5 Client will let you know if you are hired or not
6 When hired you are in for a great adventure in China !

The job is open for men and women goodluck talk to you soon!

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