ING – Senior Full Stack Engineer

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Periode: 11 mei tot 1 november 2020

Optie tot verlenging: ja

Solliciteren kan tot en met: 5 mei 2020

Axiflex zoekt voor ING een Senior Full Stack Engineer.

Job description

We are situated right in the heart of our customers’ activities with the bank. The front-end Webcomponents and the Java API’s are the technical backbone for these multichannel apps which are used by customers in both Netherlands and Belgium.

As a full stack software engineer, you work in an international environment in our multidisciplinary squads.

Together with business colleagues, UX designers, visual designers, product owners you build next generation banking applications in the Daily Banking tribe.

The Current Accounts API’s you will work on are used by millions of customers on daily basis, whether it is the mobile banking app, ING’s internet banking webapp or cross channel employee portals. A great stage to shine for any serious software craftsman.

We expect you to be responsible and take ownership. Be open, honest, communicate clearly and most importantly be eager to learn and proactively improve, yourself and the ecosystem around you.


Job requirements:

  • Proven track record and proficiency in software development (6+ years): backend or front end (and thorough knowledge of the other, you are expected to be able to work on front- and backend).
  • Our backend stack sounds like Java, Spring, Maven, Jenkins, Sonar, Cassandra, Oracle. On the front end side, we are into Polymer, AngularJS, Webcomponents, Redux, NPM Experience and thorough understanding of (test) automation, continuous delivery, deployment tools and pipelines. We work with Git, Tomcat, Jenkins, TFS, Ansible, SonarQube, Fortify, Artifactory, Selenium, OpenShift private cloud environments and soon migrating to Azure DevOps.
  • We are moving towards pure DevOps profiles, so you are expected to refine, code, test AND DEPLOY your own work on our on premise and cloud environments.
  • Lead development experience is a huge plus!
  • An itch and self-motivation for solving technical and functional challenges.
  • Great analytical skills and conceptual / architectural understanding, ability to quickly understand new technical concepts that are outside of your comfort zone.
  • Strong interest and vision in recent trends in software development and technology in general.
  • We expect the ability to transfer knowledge back to the ING Bank by holding presentations, workshops, documentation and most important: setting new standards for the ways we do tech.
  • Strong social and communication skills.
  • Being a sparring partner for our business colleagues.
  • Experience with working in multidisciplinary teams and agile way of working.
  • Fluent English speaking and writing.



Uren per week: 36

Salaris: € 0,01 per maand


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