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Postdoctoral Researcher AI / control methods for Social interactive robots

Faculty Aerospace Engineering

The faculty of Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology is one of the world's largest faculties devoted entirely to aerospace engineering. In the Netherlands it is the only research and education institute directly related to the aerospace engineering sector. It covers the whole spectrum of aerospace engineering subjects. In aeronautics, the faculty covers subjects ranging from aerodynamics and flight propulsion to structures and materials and from control and simulation to air transport and operations. In astronautics, topics include astrodynamics, space missions and space systems engineering. The faculty has around 2,500 BSc and MSc students, 225 PhD candidates and 27 professors supported by scientific staff.

The faculty's mission is to be the best Aerospace Engineering faculty in the world, inspiring and educating students through modern education techniques and enabling staff to perform ambitious research of the highest quality for the future of aerospace. The working atmosphere at the faculty is friendly, open-minded and dedicated.

The Department of Control and Operations (CO) combines a range of fundamental and applied research programmes, with the overall objective of improving the safety and efficiency of aerospace operations and reducing their environmental impact. It consists of three research groups: (1) Control and Simulation (CS), which focuses on the development of advanced, automatic control systems (including the role of the human operator); (2) Air Transport and Operations (ATO), whose goal is to improve operational performance by optimising capacity, costs and safety, and (3) Aircraft Noise and Climate Effects (ANCE) which focuses on reducing environmental impact. All sections synergistically contribute to the department's mission to improve the safety and efficiency of operations in aerospace.

CS works on the integration, development and testing of new theories on control, autonomous systems and cognitive systems (with and without human elements), while addressing industrial and societal needs. In our vision, the ever-increasing levels of safety, efficiency and capacity of aerospace will require developing more capable automatic control systems in terms of adaptability and autonomy, and more advanced human-machine systems to interact with them. To advance the development of such systems, we build on a solid theoretical basis and physical insights while exploiting theoretical progress in adjacent fields, and validate these systems experimentally in world-class facilities, closing the loop between theory and practice.

Functie omschrijving

This project involves two aspects: fundamental and applied. In the fundamental part, we will develop novel approaches to integrate various AI techniques, with a particular focus on fuzzy logic, and adaptive and/or optimal control methods to provide creativity in the decision making and actions of social interactive robots.

In the applied part of the project, the novel algorithms created in the fundamental part, will be implemented to robots so that these social robots can participate in therapeutic actions for individuals with autism and dementia. As a part of this project, a user-interface app will also be developed to allow potential users to interact with the robots via the interface.

The research will be carried out at the Aerospace Engineering Faculty (Department of Control and Operations, Control and Simulation section) of TU Delft.

The supervisor will be dr. Anahita Jamshidnejad.

Functie eisen

We are looking for a candidate with a PhD degree in systems and control, applied mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering, robotics, or a related field, and with a strong background or interest in artificial intelligence and/or control methods. The candidate is expected to work on the boundary of several research domains. A good command of the English language is required.


We offer the opportunity to do scientifically challenging research in a multi-disciplinary research group. The appointment will be for 14 months starting as soon as possible.

As an employee of the university you will receive a full-time employment, as well as excellent secondary benefits in accordance with the Collective Agreement (CAO) of the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU). Assistance with accommodation can be arranged.

Informeren en solliciteren

For information about this vacancy, you can contact Dr. A. Jamshidnejad, email: a.jamshidnejad@tudelft.nl.

For information about the selection procedure, please contact B.M. Markus, email: B.M.Markus@tudelft.nl.

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Uren per week: 38.0 uur per week

Salaris: € 327,67 per maand