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Business Development Manager

Always on the lookout for new business? This international wholesaler in Zwijndrecht pays a full time gross monthly salary of € 5.000,- for their new Business Development Manager!
In your job you develop and build the Home Gardening Brand of a wholesale company that knows everything about plants. Really everything. Did you know that farmers and growers can multiply their crops? Give us a moment to explain that. When a commercial grower wishes to have a higher profit from their crops, they can 'divide' their plants into more plants without sowing seeds. This company in Zwijndrecht helps these ambitious farmers and growers to arrange such a thing. New leads turn into prospects everyday, new business is created everyday. You are essential everyday. Sounds like a match made in... contract? Good! Get in touch via Jimin. Give him a call via 078 - 303 03 06 and he will explain further details with you.
RAAAK Personeel cares about you!
We are RAAAK Personeel, a leading employment agency with ATTENTION and care for everyone. What do you think the three A's stand for? Correct! We pay attention to our clients, our candidates and therefore also to you!
How does an employment agency work? Well, if someone like you is looking for a great job, they come to us. Simple. But that is not everything. We guide our candidates during their work, help them find the job that makes a difference and we stand up for their interests. And if you turn that phrase around, we will do the same for our clients! Oh, and we love the orange colour. It makes us happy.
Your job
A Business Development Manager finetunes and implements the Home Gardening Strategy of this client. Your seat will be at the marketing department. You rebuild the website, improve all packaging designs and support partners in increasing brand awareness. Do you like a direct and casual working atmosphere in which Mondays are there to ask the other person about last weekend? Great!
YOU are the bridge between client and company as you ensure compliance with purchasing and contract regulations. You define the basic Home Gardening portfolio and optimize the assortment at partners. Everyday you ask yourself this question with a fresh cup of coffee: 'how can we keep the company in the picture today and manage the brand tomorrow?'. Does that challencing desk seat belong to you? Find Jimin on the phone via 078 - 303 03 06!
YOU are everything
An expert in keen writing and savwy thinking? Perfect! Of course you bring in knowlegde, expertise and experience in the game but your social skills are what matters most. Teamwork and results is wherefor you get out of bed every morning. Because you create business, you share in business. That is why you participate in the financial results of the company! Think about a variable remuneration that can be spend on that new bike you want or a week on holiday.
So, up for a competetive challenge at a thriving company? Develope also your career in the role of Business Development Manager and apply. They need you. Questions? Don't hesitate to call Jimin via 078 - 303 03 06. He'll be waiting.



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Over de werkgever

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  • A fulltime gross salary of € 5.000,- a month!
  • A 32 - 38 hour workweek.
  • You participate in the financial results of the company through variable remuneration. That contains a maximum of 11% from your annual salary. So that's a max of € 6.600,-. Go visit that island or fix that car dent, you deserved it!
  • Work from home and partly in Zwijndrecht. Traffic jams are for all those other people.


  • Preferably you completed a bachelor's education or higher in the field of International Business or you have reached this level through work experience.
  • Experience minimum of 2 years in a similair role. Not sure about this? Ask us!


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minimaal € 5.000,-