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Amaris is an independent, international Technologies and Management Consulting Group. Created in 2007, Amaris is already established in over 45 countries and supports 500 clients worldwide throughout their projects’ lifecycle. Our expertise covers 5 areas of innovation: Business and Management, IT/IS, Telecom, Engineering and High Technologies, Biotech and Pharma. With 60 offices across the World, the Group offers proximity support to its clients in all their locations and many opportunities of international careers for employees. In 2016, Amaris will reach a turnover of 140 million euros, 2650 employees and the ability recruit 1 new employee every 5 hours. We expect to triple our workforce within the next years and reach an international leader position in independent consulting.


Values Our values are the cornerstone of our organisation. They define who we are and guide our actions and behaviours. They inspire each one of our projects and are reflected in the work our teams do: their choices, their relationship with clients, and the attention they pay to results. Performance At Amaris, performance translates into a constant desire to move forward and outdo ourselves in bringing projects to fruition. In order to do an excellent job each and every time, we try to exceed our clients' expectations by proposing solutions that bring them genuine added value. In achieving this objective, curiosity and an open mind are indispensable to our team members; they are constantly improving their knowledge and honing their talents in order to best understand the issues they have to deal with. Commitment Keeping our word and complying with the established rules are part of the way Amaris operates. The Group is committed to creating an environment conducive to employee personal growth, so that everyone gets to contribute to our collective success. Every day, we build lasting relationships with our clients and employees in an environment where each person’s qualities are acknowledged and put to good use. We are determined to not only meet but also exceed our clients’ expectations; we systematically demand the best of ourselves in order to achieve this objective. Trust Trust is essential to establishing a lasting bond between two parties. Respect and honesty are at the basis of all our relationships, whether internal or external. Internally, this relationship takes the form of an exchange of knowledge, in order to help our employees succeed professionally. We always strive to build a lasting rapport with them, based on active listening and dialogue. We promote freedom of expression and we encourage employees to challenge ideas in order to create an organisation that constantly learns and adapts to the business. Boldness An entrepreneurial spirit has been in the Group’s DNA since its creation. A veritable idea catalyst and talent developer, it is this passion for entrepreneurship that drives us and serves as one of the pillars of our existence. This value is illustrated by the trust placed in our teams, as well as the initiative and autonomy that we give them in making their day-to-day decisions. Independence Amaris is an independent and financially autonomous group, which enables it to remain free of any outside influence. At Group level, strategic orientations correspond to decisions based on operational choices. This difference that characterises the Group gives it a rare flexibility and the ability to always be more innovative in the solutions we offer our clients. As a true partner, Amaris supports its clients across all their international sites by developing solutions based on common operating issues.


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