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It all started with an Idea – my idea.

Creating a new Clothing Rail that actually worked. That, alongside an interest in technology and design resulted in the birth of the Soopl Fashion Trolley in 2007.

Now, almost seven years later, we have sold our products successfully in more than 30 countries and counting. These countries are supplied either directly by ourselves or by our approved partner companies, all of whom specialize in products specifically for the fashion industry - from mannequins to hangers, from neon signs to bags.

I really enjoy traveling, talking to new people and understanding manufacturing. The culmination of this breeds inspirational, but practical product designs. Our happy customers have understood this and asked me to help them with other products, initially hangers. The result, YourHanger was born in 2012.

YourHanger has been very successfully received by the industry and now we have gone on to develop and design many other bespoke products to create a sympathetic and complimentary in-store journey.

With a background in Trims I know that there is an industry behind the industry. Becoming an expert in this field and having a helicopter view of the fashion industry is my forte, I love it – it is my passion!

With YourStoreConcept we aim to assist you to advance your store concept or brand identity to the maximum.

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