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Innovative water treatment solutions

BiAqua is a cleantech company that is established in strategic and financial partnership with Icos Capital and TU Delft (Delft University of Technology; one of the leading and most respected universities in The Netherlands). Our mission is to deliver sustainable water treatment solutions that aid companies and consumers worldwide when facing various challenges with regards to water treatment. Our Phosphate Removal Technology (PRT™) is absolutely unique, because it only makes use of bio-based materials, as opposed to state of the art solutions that are currently on the market. Furthermore, our technology is low cost, is fast and reliable, and has a broad usability.

One water treatment solution with many applications

BiAqua PRT™ is capable of establishing very low concentrations of phosphate in water. Our solution comes in the form of a bio-based adsorbent that is able to extract phosphate and harmful substances like arsenic from water, even if these substances are only present in very low concentrations. Thanks to this unique feature, BiAqua PRT™ can be used in many industries. Most of the applications for our technology can be found in the area of drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment, and industrial water treatment. Examples of these applications are BiAqua PRT™ for preventing biofouling in reverse osmosis plants, for preventing biofilm formation in heat exchangers, and for preventing reservoir souring in the oil and gas industry.


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