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ITECS is a Pan-European HR and fiscal management company specialising in supporting expatriate assignments in Europe. Our headquarters are located in Dublin, Ireland and associated offices in London, Rotterdam, Geneva and Gibraltar. Our business is to facilitate operations in a European jurisdiction by assisting services to be deployed comfortably and effectively from outside that country.


We provide a wide range of services to individual’s agencies and companies from HR, payroll and accounts to secondment, training, and relocation. In each case we aim to ensure that all our clients have a dedicated partner in Europe whom they can trust at all times.

ITECS was established in 1998 and is regarded as one of the most experienced and longest standing professional employment organisations operating across Europe. It has a sound reputation for reliability, compliancy, good communication as well as fiscal and legal knowledge gained through the management of several thousand contracts in 20 different European countries.

In 2014 ITECS decided to expand its services to its clients by linking with other reputable management companies who specialise in mobile contractor payrolls across Europe. The range of contractor solutions as well as its European coverage now surpasses any other company in the field. It also expanded its services to include professional international HR advice and personnel management.


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