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Beltech is the leading development and integration partner in the field of industrial automation with machine vision.

Beltech develops, implements and maintains complete vision systems for identification, inspection and positioning purposes. Through its multi-disciplinary capability, Beltech realizes customer specific solutions designed to improve quality and productivity of operational processes.

 Beltech acts as systems integrator to (enterprise) customers and as development partner for specialized companies (OEMs) offering specific solutions to their market segments. In the latter case, vision technology is an embedded part or module of a larger solution, system or machine.

To cater for current and future demands, standard vision systems are often insufficient or lack flexibility or scale. Since 28 years, Beltech develops Vision technology that is adaptive and flexible for customers' needs now and in the future. Although typically high-end Vision technology will be deployed, Beltech is able to re-use and leverage its extensive software library and experience resulting in on-demand solutions delivered in a cost effective way.

Customers and applications developed by Beltech are operational within a broad spectrum of segments such as automotive, food & agro, electronics and semiconductor, medical, industrial manufacturing, and logistics.



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Beltech B.V.
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Alex Kind
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040 257 1929