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We are a growing company with a young dynamic team where your ideas and input are needed. Our team is enthusiastic, ambitious and professional. We celebrate every target met with a bottle of champagne! Regular bbq’s, annual team events, ski trips, Christmas parties and dinners create fun time with our colleagues and other startups in the building. We want everybody in the team to talk to doctors and be at congresses at least once per year to understand the outside dynamics and value of our business to users.

Wie zijn wij?

NightBalance is a young and dynamic medical device company based in Delft. We develop devices for treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Our core product is the Sleep Position Trainer, a device worn during sleep to train to sleep on the side instead of sleeping on the back. With the Sleep Position Trainer, apnea patients get back their good rest and energetic lives. NightBalance was founded in 2009 and has recently started their commercialization within Europe. We are working with specialized medical distributors to sell our products through ENT physicians and Pulmonologists to patients who suffer from OSAS.

Wat bieden wij?

We love learning at NightBalance! At the YES!Delft high tech incubator there are plenty of masterclasses and workshops that can be cherrypicked at your interest and liking (think of negotiation skills, finance, personal effectiveness, sales, international business and other topics). Besides that a company daytraining is organized every quarter by experienced speakers for the entire team focusing on for example pitching or time management. There is room for individual development and coaching. Moreover, plenty of interesting international speakers are regularly invited to YES!Delft to inspire us with their experience and ideas. Think about Silicon Valley serial-entrepreneur Steve Blank from the book the Lean Startup or Patrick van der Pijl from the Business Model Canvas


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