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 Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition is part of Danone and one of the most successful health food companies in the world. Its mission is to bring health through nutritious and affordable food to a vulnerable target group: babies, elderly and sick people. Patient safety and product quality are continuously safeguarded whilst being cost effective. More information about Nutricia can be found on our website www.nutricia.com.

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The offer For people with a high level of energy and commitment, Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition is the perfect place to build a successful career. Because our culture is based on freedom and empowerment, this is an environment where every day can be a fresh adventure - full of new possibilities and real excitement. We stimulate your development, within your function, but also cross functionally and international and we offer a competitive package and benefits.


Nutricia has a proud heritage that stretches back over 100 years. Founded in the Netherlands in the town of Zoetermeer, the company was originally a specialist in infant formulas. Laboratory-synthesised baby milk was produced to match the nutritional needs of different babies. But in 1905 Nutricia pioneered the concept of specialised medical nutrition, developing special diet products such as low-sugar milk for diabetic patients and iodine-rich milk for those suffering from goitre.

In the modern era, Nutricia focused more intensely on the development of research-based nutritional products. In 1946, it opened its first proprietary research department within its laboratories. Dietitians were hired in 1950 to provide medical information to doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. Scientific advances of the 1960s led to development

of specialised nutritional products for hospitals, and the introduction of Nutri 2000 - a complete nutrition solution for the chronically ill with serious feeding problems.

In the 1990s, Nutricia acquired the highly specialised firms SHS International (UK) and Milupa (Germany), gaining new expertise in areas such as Inborn Metabolic Disorders and severe Cow’s Milk Allergy. With the UK baby food brand Cow & Gate, these businesses were brought together under the umbrella of Numico. Numico was acquired in 2007 by Danone. Nutricia's


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