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Repair Care International BV

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Repair Care International (formerly Window Care Systems) started an exhaustive development programme in 1987. This resulted in the introduction of a total concept for long-term maintenance of wood in 1989. The vision behind this concept was, and continues to be, repair instead of unnecessary replacement. Our resulting systematic concept consists of a complete package of knowledge, work methods, equipment, products and accessories for a real solution to the problems. In order to develop an innovative elastic technology for joints, sealing and repairs, we gathered knowledge and expertise from the aircraft industry and co-operated intensively with the application companies to develop practical work methods and useful equipment. Our second office opened in the UK in 1992 and it is this wealth of experience that gives Repair Care International its enviable position at the forefront of the market. When it comes to the practical repair, maintenance and conservation of wood, our vision has consistently been confirmed across the world. Currently, our products are utilised in various climate zones in a wide variety of international projects in Europe, the USA, the Carribean and the Far East.

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• Innovatieve, professionele organisatie • Eerlijke en open cultuur • Jong, ambitieus team • A-merk met een sterke naam in de markt • Uitdagende functie met ruimte voor eigen initiatief • Prima pakket arbeidsvoorwaarden


Paul Ostlender

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Paul Ostlender