Internationaal actief
Parfections is de partner van Parfois in Nederland. Ons doel is om in de komende 4 jaar Parfois uit te laten groeien tot vast onderdeel van het Nederlandse winkellandschap.

Wie zijn wij?

Parfection B.V. is a young and dynamic​ company based​ in Oud-Beijerland, The Netherlands. Our enthusiastic team is ambitious to develop existing business and is constantly searching for new opportunities. The range of activities and area of geographic presence has expanded rapidly over the last year. We promote and sell a carefully selected brand of fashionable accessories in The Netherlands.​ ​ We rely on a close network of partners, who share our values and ambition to create added value for our customers. As an example, the fast fashion woman’s brand PARFOIS is presented in 5 flagship stores, opening mid. April/May 2017.

Onze kernwaarden en -activiteiten

Parfection strives to acquire a stable position in the Dutch accessory market. In close cooperation with our stakeholders, Parfection also aims to create and retain brand and product appreciation among our customers. The company wants to face all challenges necessary to achieve those goals. Being regarded as a reliable, professional and exemplary enterprise by customers, competitors and staff members are what we aim for. Not only in economic statistics, but also in appreciation scores, it is our mission to achieve a challenge the highest standards possible. Parfection wants to develop a business model that’s considered as honest, progressive and innovative.

Jouw voordelen

Products with great value sell themselves. Presenting the collections of PARFOIS, for example, is not considered a hard job for our salesforce. Their enthusiasm about our high-level quality products is easily transferred to resellers around the world. The right mindset created around our brands and a range of powerful marketing tools facilitate the sales process towards end customers. The international sales experience and product knowledge of our multilingual staff are available to our partners in a professional, hands-on training program. Providing everything necessary to boost sales of our partners: that’s the core business of Parfection.

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