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IMDS, Your Medical Device Company 'increasing quality of life' Our vision is to help patients and medical device partners around the world with the best possible solutions to increase quality of life. Management approach We are big and we are small all at once. Each of our operating companies are strongly entrepreneurial in character, and they know that their success depends on anticipating customers’ needs and delivering meaningful, high-quality solutions. While our people operate in a small-company setting, they also have access to the know-how and resources of a large company environment. It’s like having dozens of strategic partners at their fingertips. People & Diversity People and values are our greatest assets. We know that every invention, every product, and every breakthrough we’ve brought to human health and well-being has been powered by people. Not ordinary people, though, but people whose personal values drive them to make a difference in the world. We believe the shared values embodied in Our Company help us attract and keep the most talented values-driven people in the world. Diversity is a central part of the cultures across the IMDS Family of Companies. It’s a key to our people’s passion for improving the health and well-being of people the world over. Further, our commitment to diversity and inclusion is deeply rooted in the values and is exemplified in a number of our companies’ programs and activities. We recognize that differences in age, race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, physical ability, thinking style and background bring richness to our work environments. Such differences help us to connect better with the health needs of people in communities around the world. We believe that attracting, developing and retaining a base of employees that reflects the diversity of our customers is essential to our success. We also believe success hinges on relationships with diverse professional and patient organizations, civic groups and suppliers.

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IMDS (Interventional Medical Device Solutions) is focused on providing innovative (Minimal Invasive) Medical Devices to help patients improving their quality of life.
IMDS is dedicated to advancing the science of Medical Devices through continuous development of innovative and advanced technologies that enhance patient outcomes and improve practitioner productivity.
IMDS, Roden, The Netherlands, (~70 employees) is equipped as a Centre of Excellence in order to develop, improve and manufacture innovative solutions for Medical Devices. The facility consists of small and integrated R&D, Process Development and Manufacturing teams that have strong track records. IMDS is recognized by the world leading medical device Industry as a trusted partner.

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Your Idea
Your medical innovation can come to life at IMDS, providing complete prototyping, development, regulatory approvals and manufacturing.
Filing for patent protection before you shop your idea around will give you credibility with interested parties. You'll also want to draw up a trade-secret or non-disclosure agreement so that you feel safe discussing your idea with potential investors and companies.
The next step? Pull together a presentation and identify target companies that might be interested in your idea.

Your Prototype 
At this stage, you'll also want to build a working product sample. A good prototype should demonstrate your intentions to key decision makers and inspire others who lack your vision. This is by far the best way to communicate with a target company.
You need to communicate in the company's language. Research each potential partner's mission statement, branding and pricing strategies as well as its manufacturing processes. Understanding this will help you streamline your presentation and approach. This way your idea will be more easily understood and accepted by people who will have input on the acceptance or rejection of your product.

Your Product
To develop a medical device from prototype to commercial product a number of regulatory steps need to be taken. These regulatory steps are our core business, IMDS can guide you through the fastest and most efficient possible way to get your innovative Medical Device ready for commercial release with required approvals. 
Manufacturing can be simplified when you have a working prototype. To start out, contact us for your new product development. That way, you will have the benefit of our designers and developers who can identify and fix design flaws. They may even offer a more effective design solution. 
A CAD design will make it easier to divide your plans among multiple manufacturers, to avoid giving the entire design to one manufacturer. The IMDS design team can help you out creating your solid CAD design. 
When discussing your product with IMDS, we are open to reducing or waiving up-front production costs for a percentage of future profits, or perhaps some other agreement that you may have in mind. Seeing the potential in your product, we might be willing to produce the product on more creative terms, like co-investing.

Your success
Combining your knowledge and our expertise to maximize results enabling you to get your product fast available in the market. 
IMDS can provide the complete research and development path from your idea to your prototype to your product. However you can also rely on our services to perform a single step or test. You determine how you would like to partner with us.


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When you join IMDS, you're part of the team that is helping to improve quality of life. IMDS offers the excitement and growth potential of an agile company with the strength and stability of an established industry leader. The environment is fluid and fast-paced, and the people work together to make a difference every day. The atmosphere is friendly and team-oriented. Working at IMDS gives you the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of others. In addition to helping the world achieving the best possible Quality of life through our products and technology. IMDS is committed to building and maintaining a workforce that reflects the diversity of their global customer base. IMDS values the unique talents and perspectives other employees.

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