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CycloMedia is unique in covering the complete customer value chain by offering technology, data, applications and consultancy to add value and lower costs for public and private organizations. Based on the company’s successful track record in the Netherlands and Belgium, CycloMedia now focuses on international expansion. Our people are our most important asset in realizing our success, today and in the future.

Wie zijn wij?

CycloMedia is market and technology leader in large-scale systematic visualization of environments, making 360° panoramic images from public roads and waterways (Cycloramas), combined with aerial images. The in-house developed and patented technology allows the accurately positioned panoramic imagery to be produced on a nationwide scale in a highly automated production and quality control process.

Our customers today perceive CycloMedia’s images as maps in which they can easily pinpoint the exact location of objects, identify objects automatically and calculate the dimensions of the objects selected. CycloMedia supplies accurately positioned images in combination with user friendly software that plugs into the existing customer GIS software applications. In the past years we have experienced rapid growth due to a high demand for these user friendly solutions.

The CycloMedia GlobeSpotter viewing software uses the exact recording locations and perfect geometry of the images to geo-tag objects (e.g. street furniture) and to visualize existing geo-information as a precisely positioned data layer on top of the panoramic and aerial images (e.g. underground infrastructure such as cables). All leading GIS software suppliers have now made interfaces that allow the integration of CycloMedia’s GlobeSpotter software with their solutions.

Wat bieden wij?

We offer an attractive and innovative workenvironment for all lines of expertise, it being technology, operations, sales or support. Our organization is transparant and offers a wide variety of opportunities for the development of your skills and personality.


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