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Players will have a quality assured and customizable social gaming experience, incorporating a high degree of social connectivity, as well as having peace of mind that a percentage of all their monetization goes to charitable causes, as selected by each and everyone one of our players. Gramble’s foundation investor and a key strategic partner is Novamedia. For more than 20 years, Novamedia has operated the charity-focused Postcode Lotteries in Europe. Supported by ambassadors such as Bill Clinton, Rafael Nadal and Sir Richard Branson – and thanks to millions of players around the world, the Postcode Lotteries have raised more than US$5 billion to support charities – including a whopping US$700 million last year. Gramble’s goal is to create a social platform that will host a suite of compelling and entertaining social games from developers across the world. Our players will socially connect and play games with their friends and family on the gramble platform that will be playable across many different devices – be it a smart phone, tablet, desktop, or even a TV. Gramble has big plans to attract outstanding developers – both big and small – to its social platform to create the number 1 portal in the world for social games.

Wie zijn wij?

Founded in February 2012 by Adam James, Gramble World BV is a Dutch company with its HQ in the creative city of The Hague, Netherlands. At gramble, we are developing a truly cross platform social gaming experience where developers can utilize our value-adding tools and publish only quality games in a clutter-free ‘blue ocean’ environment.

Wat bieden wij?

Be a part of team awesome and help contribute to changing the world, not bad right! Working at Gramble is like no other company in existence. We’re growing at lightning speed and building some of the greatest technology for developers and players to have a totally awesome experience. We’re always thinking ahead of the crowd by providing a feature rich cross-platform gaming experience for mobile, tablet, PC, TV you name it, we’re building it here! Our vision is to create the world’s premier social-gaming experience across all game genres for every type of gamer. With charity being a major part of our platform, we aim to help making the world a much better place to live! We spend all hours building tools to aide in making developers games highly social and feature rich which in turn, gives all our gamers a gaming experience like no other in existence. So do you still want to work with us…? We’re a super-fast growing company supported by some seriously amazing people in the world. If you want to be a part of something really extraordinary, relish working on technology or solutions that are well ahead of anybody else then, you have definitely come to the right place. So…. we’re looking for super bright, imaginative and hardworking Grambler’s who have an unyielding passion for all things creative and technical. We’re a diverse bunch from all corners of the globe and we encourage people from all different backgrounds to apply. If you’re willing to put in the hard yards, not that it is a job for any of us, you’ll be rewarded and you’ll reach super heights at Gramble, seriously! We offer excellent salaries and of course potential share options for those of you that want to go that extra mile and make world changing technology. We offer many more exciting and enticing benefits. Even if there isn’t a position listed online, send us in your resume, we can always find careers for exceptional talent at Gramble. Please contact us on the contact tab and send us a message or just email [email protected] We’ll be sure to get back in touch within 48 hours. Gramble, live it, breathe it, mean it!


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