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J.H Lee

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Amsterdam Zuidoost
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Internationaal actief
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Macrogen Inc.
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We currently have quite a large number of clients in the Netherlands, and we feel the necessity to care them in person, communicate and troubleshoot with them, and to seek for new clients to eventually increase the sales in that area. Whole these activities will include meeting with clients, presentation, discussion, troubleshooting, regular reports, collection of samples, and so on. The employee will be working as full time and occasional meetings and discussions in person will be made as well. All the works will be supervised by the manager in Amsterdam. Also proficiency in both spoken and written, Dutch English is mandatory.

Wie zijn wij?


We are a global biotech company located in Amsterdam and looking for a talented and self-motivated person with excellent personal relation skill who will do the role of sales representative in the Netherlands.
We have been established more than 15 years ago, and we have a firm networks all over the world, and more than 15,000 scientists worldwide are our clients. We offer genetic analysis service based on DNA sequencing, so profound understanding about molecular biology, biochemistry will be prerequisites. 

Wat bieden wij?

Full-time employment in accordance with Dutch employment law. Outstanding personal and professional development opportunities.


John Lee

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J.H Lee
1105AZ Amsterdam Zuidoost
Meibergdreef Amsterdam Zuidoost, NL

John Lee