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SeeCubic: “We see the world in Ultra-D”. Our goal is to make the user experience on displays as real as real life. We do so by continuously developing our Ultra-D technology for use in autostereoscopic displays (aka glasses free 3D). Since creating bad 3D is very easy, we focus on creating all the functional building blocks needed for our customers to create great 3D. These Ultra-D functional building blocks spread out across the entire video ecosystem; from content creation to consumer & from gaming and movies to streaming. Our technology adds an autostereoscopic functionality layer to the existing (2D/stereo) ecosystem in such a way that our customers and partners can keep doing what they normally do; enabling great video performance. Their advantage is applying Ultra-D without reinventing their business. The main building blocks of the Ultra-D technology are:Optics design and realization,Rendering algorithm development and implementation in FPGA’s and ASICs,Conversion algorithms and integration into hardware and software,Source software, -plugins and -SDK’s,Industrial manufacturing, testing and product integration. SeeCubic: “We are a technology company’. Our main focus is innovation, improvement & implementation. The results we achieve are used to build our patent portfolio. Afterwards, functional blocks are being improved and delivered to our customers. We work closely with our customers to integrate our Ultra-D functional blocks into their products. Those bring us to the world of possible applications. Whether the application is TV, monitor, mobile phone, car or any other, our Ultra-D technology adds a dimension. SeeCubic: “Have fun”. Every day we enjoy what we do. Working on technology at the edge of what is possible and cooperating with our customers to bring that to the market is what drives us. If you want to join our teams, feel free to continue reading. SeeCubic B.V. is a company based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, which was founded in 2011.

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    As IT administrator, you are responsible for the IT design, implementation, deployment, monitoring, maintenance and support of the company and its employees.This includes amongst others:Network topology design, equipment, configurationStorage equipment, disk space managementCompute server hardware and virtualizationCompute server configuration, both...

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