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Soort organisatie
Banken/financiele diensten
Rotterdam, Rotterdam
1-10 medewerkers
Gemiddelde jaaromzet
100.000 - 500.000

Wie zijn wij?

Lendahand is a small, fast-growing social enterprise. We run an online impact investing platform that allows individuals and small institutions to create impact in emerging markets while earning a decent financial return. Through our platform people can provide debt funding to non-bank financial institutions in countries such as the Philippines, Kenya, and Colombia. As of late we’ve added renewable energy companies to the portfolio. As a fintech company we are part of the revolution that is reshaping the banking and investment management landscape. Lendahand has found market fit and is ready to scale up. Around 2 years ago we facilitated €10,000 in debt per month, at the moment that is €1,000,000 per month. We expect to continue this steep growth curve, which translates into €30 million in investments in 2017. With a MiFID license (as an investment firm) from the Dutch regulator in hand we are about to launch our platform in the UK. A few other countries will follow suit. The Lendahand team consists of 9 people. Some call themselves the experienced guys, and some call themselves team young gods (we leave it to you to which group you think you belong to). Together we form a dynamic and high achieving team that gets things done and is having fun while doing so. Last year we were awarded “Financial Product of the Year” by the largest Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf. We are part of the B Corp community and a member of NPM, the Dutch platform for inclusive finance.

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Lendahand Mesofinance
Conradstraat 38 - D1.150
3013AP Rotterdam


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