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50five believes in inspiration. We want to inspire people how to make their home more comfortable. An important aspect of this is home automation. Home automation allows you to easily make your home more comfortable and also save money on your energy bill. We have a wide range of products, services and solutions, which we continually work to improve. Examples are the smart thermostat and smart lighting Your personalised solution – life changing moments The needs of our customers and their individual homes are very different. For that reason, we give personal advice in the field of home automation. For this we have the appropriate knowledge in-house, and also a wide range of products. So we can offer appropriate advice to you to increase comfort in your home based on your life changing moments. All products in our shop have been extensively tested on usability, simplicity, convenience and reliability, all of which are of great importance to us. Only the best products are good enough for your home! Not only is the use of our home automation products simple, they can also be easily and quickly installed by you. If you do not have time to install the products yourself or have no idea how to do this then let us help and guide you. 50five is part of the ENGIE Group.

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