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Orange Pearl is an innovative SME company from Delft. We create ‘orange pearls’, which is our metaphor for a unique and sustainable product innovation. Our specialization • Product Innovation • OTC products and medical devices • Aluminium Die Casting • Making the world better Our group consists of a several innovation companies that are structured under two ‘oyster companies’: BioClin on the one hand, focuses on health care, OTC products and medical devices. Cuckoo Company on the other hand, focuses on technical and industrial products. Orange Pearl groups all the companies together and facilitates their operations. We are successfully building our business since 1989. We are active in more than 40 countries around the world. We want to continue to grow, but remain independent and prefer to stay relatively small. We have a strong sense of identity and purpose: we love what we do. Our founder and group director is Floris Koumans: a dynamic Dutch entrepreneur.

Wie zijn wij?

How we do business Orange Pearl realizes sustainable product innovations. Realizing means we make them real: We make them happen, we get them to the market. We make them a success. We do products, not services. We realize innovations in three ways… We create our own stuff. We see an opportunity in solving a problem or we just do what we feel is right. Sometimes science, sometimes a gut feeling, but often just the fun of the challenge but always with a passion. We have our own brands on the market all over the world, in various segments. We serve these markets by teaming up with marketing and distribution companies that we call market-partners. We do the innovation, product information, production and supply. They do the local sales and marketing on an exclusive basis. New partners come to us with the need for an innovation and we create for them. Not for a fee, but again in the form of a partnership. However, here the brand and end product belongs to the partner, who is closely involved in the innovation process. We connect to the success of the innovation by taking care of the complete production and supply. We license out specific product innovations and sometimes we sell an entire product innovation as a package deal. So, You can contact us if you are interested in marketing breakthrough products OR you can talk to us about an opportunity you see for your own product innovation. In either way: we create great products that contribute to a better world.


Open, dynamisch en innovatief!

Kernwaarden en activiteiten

What we stand for Orange Pearl aims to make the World a better place by realizing sustainable product innovations. These innovations fit in the triangle of Biology-Ecology-Technology. From medical products that offer an effective alternative to antibiotics to high-tech systems that save dolphins and whales. We are committed. Orange Pearl is like a tribe. Our identity is defined by 5 key principles that drive everything we do: The knife must cut on both edges Dare to be Different. Fair partnershipping in friendship We are totally convinced about our products. Grow and Flourish

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