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Culture & History
We believe that globalization is one of the defining issues of our time. That is why we continually invest in transforming our business, to keep in step with the changing needs of our people and clients. Our people want careers in an organization that’s global in its outlook, embraces diversity and is inclusive in its approach. Our clients want an integrated, cross-border service.
Our values define who we are. They influence the way we work with each other, and the way we serve our clients and engage with our communities.
Corporate responsibility at EY describes both a mindset that injects socially responsible thinking into every aspect of our business and a strategy for using our professional skills to create positive change in communities close to home and around the world.
Fincial Facts
Founding year: 1883
Offices in The Netherlands: 17
Number of employees in The Netherlands: 4.000
Offices worldwide: 695
Number of employees worldwide: 145.000
Average age:  34,9
Diversity Male/Female:  4:3
Profit fiscal year 2010/2011: €653.100
Training & Development
EYU (Ernst & Young and You) provides a framework for helping you get the right learning, experiences and coaching to make a difference to your career.
Formal learning will help you acquire the skills and knowledge you need, whilst a focus on the right experiences can put your knowledge into practice and develop new skills. We also provide an environment that encourages coaching, which will help turn your learning and experiences into practice.
Diversity & Inclusiveness
Our D&I vision
Embedding a sustainable, inclusive culture in the way we operate will enable our people to achieve their potential and make a difference, wherever they come from and whatever their characteristics. A sustainable, inclusive culture will better enable Ernst & Young to deliver high quality service to our clients, create competitive advantage and drive market leadership.

D&I at EY
Our goal is to become a leading organization in the way we think and act on diversity and inclusiveness.
Our approach to D&I is developmental
We believe in developing our people’s "inclusiveness competence,” a set of skills that includes awareness about our people's assumptions, frames of reference and behaviors and how this impacts the decisions we make daily.

Each of us has a responsibility in creating and fostering an inclusive environment by understanding our own and others worldviews – the way we look at things and interpret them.

Our approach to D&I takes everyone into account
D&I is about everyone. It's about a diversity of viewpoints, about how we encourage and value different views and understanding how this leads to better decisions being made on a broader range of issues, and better business solutions being achieved.

By focusing on visible differences such as age and gender as well as on the more subjective and invisible attributes of one’s cultural background such as communication and thinking styles, we will contribute to developing people with a global mindset, individuals with the capacity to adapt to different domestic and cross-border contexts.


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