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Except Integrated Sustainability

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We are a collective of independent professionals working together to realize world-changing projects. We work together through thick and thin to secure projects that provide for our needs while moving the frontier of sustainable development. Being part of Except means taking responsibility, giving all you've got, and join a professional comminity that'll support you for the ride.

Wie zijn wij?

Except is a cooperative of over 30 scientists, designers, and social entrepreneurs that take sustainable development to the next level. Together we develop concepts and strategies that make businesses, industries, cities, buildings, and day-to-day life more efficient, more sustainable, more human.

We provide advice, conduct research, design solutions, and reconcile stakeholder interests for various projects: from a sushi menu to wind turbine infographics and from sustainable office interiors to self-sufficient urban communities.

Our clients are as diverse as our projects: from small family businesses in the Netherlands to large organizations in the US and Asia. They all have one thing in common: they are looking for cutting-edge solutions that are future-proof, resilient, and above all, realistic and feasible.

This is what we offer at Except: through systems thinking and applied innovation we convert complex challenges to game changing opportunities.


We’re a passionate, practical, and dynamic team, known for our interdisciplinary and innovative approach. Our team consists of 30 sustainability strategists, researchers, and designers that works around the world, with our base in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Working at Except is a far cry from working in a conventional organization. In order to establish an organization that bursts with talent, entrepreneurial spirit, engaging personalities and a strong work ethic, we've gone from being a 'normal' company with employees to a new model we developed ourselves. We do not hire people in the conventional sense, Except consists mostly of independent professionals.


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Except Integrated Sustainability
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