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Instudo is an foundation founded in 1961. They own several centers in Dutch cities. From these centers Instudo develops initiatives in the field of culture, philosophy, and student development. Instudo wishes to contribute to a climate of service and respect for others. The centers are located in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Maastricht. They provide shelter for professionals and students from all over the world. This international aspect is very important.

Wat bieden wij?

Instudo is looking for a motivated and experienced chef/cook (femal) who has a passion for cooking and is an allround team player. Cleaning and general housekeeping will also be part of the work. Flexibility is very important. For example: the candidate should be willing to provide a course in Maastricht in the morning and prepare a dinner in Amsterdam in the night. - The candidate must be prepared to work during the holiday season, in the night and during the weekends. - Cleaning and general housekeeping will also be part of the job. - Being a Team Player is a very important aspect. - Must control a diversity of cooking techniques and being internationally oriented. • Skills and knowledge of international food (French, Spanish, Italian, South American, Dutch and Asian). - Knowledge of dessert making. • Chocolate art • General pastry - Knowledge of wine and pairing food. - The candidate should have the required diploma’s with regard to gastronomy. - A positive attitude, high values and an easy going personality are preferable. - Teaching capabilities. We occasionally provide courses and the candidate should posses teaching capabilities and should have thought before. - Ability to speak Dutch, English and Spanish.


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Stichting Instudo
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Stichting Instudo