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Vision We believe there is room for new players with better systems and service. We don’t focus on the weaknesses of the competition, but excel through our own strengths and those of our users. Our key strength is our team, with its 30-year pedigree in bird radars from the Dutch research Institute for Applied Science (TNO). We have used this strength to make unique systems in co-operation with our users – making the leap to second-generation, purpose-built avian radars. Many of our users are researchers. They want to know HOW the radar gets its data, rather than use systems that are a ‘black box’ to them. We are happy to provide transparency in how our systems work. Transparency also means being real about the limitations of radar. No radar sees everything. While it offers great possibilities, it is no substitute for human observation. Performance is affected by clutter from insects, the sea and weather conditions, for example. Also, the ability to recognize individual species is still developing. Having ‘the best’ system is not good enough: users need to understand HOW good it is under certain conditions. That is why ROBIN encourages the validation of bird radars in general and especially of its own systems. We do this in co-operation with users and scientist using multiple techniques – ranging from human observations to tagged birds and remote-controlled helicopters. As a technology supplier, we need to be aware that we provide only one piece of the puzzle. Data is not the same as information and information requires professional interpretation before it can result in conclusions or policies. That is why we partner with multiple ecological research organizations. Having access to our systems is one thing: using them effectively is another. A significant part of our efforts is dedicated to training and product support. Both provide great input for further improvement of our systems, and form the basis of a long-term beneficial relationship. We’re aiming for market leadership by making this vision real.

Wie zijn wij?

Robin is een start-up. We ontwikkelen radarsystemen voor het detecteren van vogels. Dat is relevant voor vliegvelden (voorkomen van aanvaringen met vliegtuigen) en  worden in toenemende mate gebruikt in Milieu Effect Rapportages (voornamelijk met betrekking tot de bouw van wind molen parken). 
Hoewel de technologie al sinds de jaren 80 wordt ontwikkeld, is Robin nog maar heel jong. In de zomer van 2010 is de technologie overgenomen van TNO Defensie & Veiligheid en ondergebracht in Robin Radar Systems.  Na 6 maanden was de onderneming al winstgevend.

Wat bieden wij?

Als je voor ons komt werken, dagen we je uit om het verschil te maken binnen een enthousiast team. Daartegenover staat een marktconform salaris en in goed overleg flexibele werktijden



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