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The energy required to power the 91 million streetlights in Europe represents an energy bill of over EUR 10 billion and results in over 40 million tons of CO2 emissions (the equivalent of 20 million cars) per year. This is to an extent a large waste of resources, in particular when lighting the empty streets when no one is around. In order to make street lighting efficient, Tvilight BV collaborated with Delft University of Technology to develop and introduce a revolutionary intelligent street lighting solution. The company is headquartered in Groningen (the Netherlands) where a multinational, multidisciplinary team works together to create the future of streetlights using smart controls. Tvilight BV is a subsidiary Ponooc BV and Yuki Ventures BV. PONOOC is a member of the Pon family of companies, which also includes Pon Holdings. Pon Holdings is a privately held, internationally operating Dutch company, representing leading brands such as Volkswagen and Caterpillar with over 13,000 employees across 25 countries, and has substantial experience in the power generation business through its Pon Power Group. More information about Pon Holdings and its subsidiaries can be found at: www.pon.com

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Tvilight BV offers a turnkey intelligent street lighting solution that generates up to 80% energy savings and reduces operation and maintenance costs by up to 50%. We work with global partners to deliver turn-key intelligent street lighting solution. The system consists of dimmable street lights (e.g. LED lighting) and a wireless sensor module which enables presence based light control. During off-peak hours lights dim to a pre-defined level. Upon detection of a pedestrian, bicycle, or car, all lights in the vicinity increase to full brightness. In this way the solution combines safety with savings.



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