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Scientific Drilling

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Our Vision To Become The ULTIMATE PARTNER In Wellbore Placement and Productivity Around The World. Our Mission WE MAKE IT EASY for customers to do business. We place your needs above our own. We earn your loyalty one job at a time. We match the right crew to each assignment, and we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of quality. WE BUILD GREAT CAREERS by hiring and developing the best people. We enable our personnel with a deep understanding of their operating environment. Then we combine their knowledge with innovative technology to exceed the expectations of our customers. We committed to find a way to succeed. WE PIONEER NEW TECHNOLOGY to maximize the value we create for our customers. We are always looking for new ways to multiply our impact through effective innovation and collaboration. Wherever feasible, we integrate proprietary technology with partners’ capabilities to achieve our customer’s goals. Every CUSTOMER counts. Every EMPLOYEE counts. Every JOB counts. Our Values Safety: “We Live It” We design safety into every action we take. Safety is our most important priority. We ensure that all our employees and those with whom they work, perform their jobs in a safe manner. All employees have a STOP work authority if they see an unsafe situation. Integrity: “We Do The Right Thing” Doing the right thing requires honesty and truthfulness in all of our corporate and individual actions. We employ professionals who can always be counted on to do the right thing wherever they are. Teamwork: “We Succeed Together” We work together, and we win together. Collaboration, communication and openness are core to our culture of partnership. Teamwork brings out the best in all of us. We practice it everywhere we go; from the rig, to the customer’s office, to our vendors, and home to our families. Innovation: “We Are Redefining Wellbore Placement” From its beginning in 1969,Scientific Drilling has been motivated by innovation. We invent new technologies to enhance the science of drilling and logging. Our dedication to continuous improvement is relentless, unwavering and deliberate. We analyze the data to find opportunities for our customers and partners. Passion: “We Have The Right Amount of Crazy” We live comfortably outside the box. While always pushing our limits, we explore what’s possible through a different lens. Our enthusiasm and care for the business fuels our dedication for customer service. We dream in color in the relentless pursuit in going beyond what others are not willing to do. What we do is important; how we do it is what sets us apart. Humanity: “We Are Real People Serving Real People” We bring heart and soul to every relationship. We value our people and we want them to feel valued through coaching, training, and sustained support. We share best practices to provide the preeminent wellbore service experience around the globe.

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Scientific Drilling International (SDI) is an independent directional drilling and wellbore navigation, surveying and logging service company serving customers worldwide.

Scientic Drilling specializes in the following core service offerings:

n Directional Drilling n Drill Motor Services

n MWD / LWD Services n Production Logging

n Wellbore Surveying n Engineering Planning

n MWD Ranging™


SDI is the only company to offer a complete navigation solution that includes:

High Accuracy Gyro Survey, MWD/LWD, MWD Ranging™, and Production

Logging – serving the onshore and o-shore Oil & Gas, geothermal, mining

and civil engineering service sectors.


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Scientific Drilling

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