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Extended Secure Technologies B.V.

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EXSET has grown to a group of worldwide spread (small) business units. Our units include Research & Development, Sales & Marketing and Service/Support. The EXSET Group is worldwide active in the area of Pay TV and looks beyond its borders. The fast evolving 'future digital world' presents opportunities and challenges in the field content creation, content dissemination and content monetization. The EXSET Group is the first group to acknowledge this need and it presents to the digital world the amalgamation of 'CAS + DRM + Middleware + Cross Platform Architecture + Content Consultancy + VAS Monetization + Functionality Across Devices'. One of the business units is ExSeT B.V., a Dutch company, founded by General Satellite Corporation Ltd. Other business units are found in the Netherlands, UK, Estonia, India and Russia. ExSeT B.V. is situated in Almere, the Netherlands. Founded at March 2010, we became operational as from January 2011. The main activities of ExSeT B.V. include Research and Development of new software and the upgrade of existing software for all types of Head Ends, Smartcards and STBs. ExSeT B.V. is an English language orientated organization, where exotic cultures of Expats from far away blend very well together. Enjoy the thrill of seeking and finding high quality solutions for new problems; be challenged by the newest developments in the digital world. Our back office team exists of broad orientated specialists who are glad to help you during your stay at our company. The management team is quite internationally orientated and combines the best of Dutch merchandising, Russian expertise, Indian client management and English market knowledge & business courtesy.


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Extended Secure Technologies B.V.
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