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“Our mission is to develop young business oriented minds and to encourage these young people to engage in innovative and creative business in companies and organizations around the world, either working for others or in the instigation of business and entrepreneurship. We strive to bring expertise, knowledge and diversity to the local region of Apeldoorn, thereby enhancing the economy, culture and social environment around us. We aim to take advantage of our Dutch education roots in combination with our international and global mix to provide excellent higher education to students from all backgrounds, nationality and ethnicity.”

Wie zijn wij?

Wittenborg University - a multi-cultural and diverse management and business studies institute based in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands!

With a clearly defined mission and philosophy, Wittenborg University offers excellent education in business studies to students from the Netherlands, Europe, and around the world, ranging from school leavers to people with professional experience and previous study qualifications.

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is an international management and business institute providing Bachelor and Master Degree programmes to students from diverse backgrounds, cultures and ethnicity, and as a multinational organisation, with 250 students and staff representing more than 50 countries, Wittenborg is truly one of the most International Management Schools in the Netherlands.International Students at Wittenborg University

The business programmes are all offered completely in English. In fact, English is the only language spoken at Wittenborg!

Wat bieden wij?

Wittenborg employs people from all backgrounds, including academic lecturers, language teachers, office employees, facility workers, managers, directors, CEOs and politicians. There is a great diversity in nationality of our staff members; we have personnel from the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Romania, China, Nigeria, Pakistan, Turkey, Romania, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the Netherlands. For this reason you can understand that speaking English is an absolute must for every one working at Wittenborg!


Universities of Applied Sciences offer Bachelor and Master degree programmes that reflect a direct link to the professional field and have a firm element of job oriented development in their curriculum.

In all its programmes, Wittenborg encourages the development and understanding of an international & multicultural outlook, best practice in management, diversity, sustainability and entrepreneurship.Wittenborg University’s education concept is based on the principle that a student should be highly employable after graduation, understanding the basic principles of operation and management within the industry field that they have studied for.

Wittenborg’s education combines a practical look at the relevant industry with an academic grounding in the concepts of business, management, economics and sociology.

Wittenborg students can expect to carry out practical projects, instigated by companies and organisations, and complete a period of work placement, whilst also learning the theories that should be applied.

Wittenborg students can also expect to write academic papers and carry out applicable research, both at Bachelor and Master level.

Wittenborg believes that the pace of study and the study load must be managed by its students and its education requires maturity, drive independence and hard-work.

In all its programmes, Wittenborg encourages the development and understanding of an international & multicultural outlook, best practice in management, diversity, sustainability and entrepreneurship.


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Wittenborg university
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