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Comsys Telecom & Media

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Een moderen Nederlandse organisatie met veel internationale klanten

Wie zijn wij?

Comsys Telecom & Media is a specialist in interactive telephony services and provides telecommunication products, solutions and hosted services in the converging arena of IN, 3G, SIP and VoIP networks for mobile and fixed line telephone operators, MVNO’s and Contact Centers. Comsys has more than 27 years of experience in developing and hosting interactive media services. Comsys develops these solutions for Voice, Web and Mobile. Comsys also owns and operates cloud based service centers in several locations throughout Europe. Introduction The telecommunication environment is changing rapidly. Not just within the area of the technology/information or services, but also the ability to realize creative solutions. Comsys operates within this rapidly innovative market. We are convinced the need for clear and easily accessible solutions will increase amongst the current network economy. If it's about interactive telephony services or mobile multi media solutions, the demand for continuous innovation is immense. New concepts, new markets and new partners are challenging us. This calls for quick and continuous adaptation for the dynamic market of today and tomorrow such as integration with back-end and on telephony level. Innovation Comsys operates in a fast moving arena of converging technology of IN, 3G, IMS, SIP and VOIP networks for mobile operators, fixed line operators and MVNO’s. By investing substantial in new technology, the Comsys SpeechFrame® platform and now how Comsys maintains her leading role as key supplier in our industry.

Wat bieden wij?

o.a. Veelzijdige functies Marktconform salarissen Stimulerende werksfeer, flexibele werktijden; Internationale projecten; Uitstekende doorgroeimogelijkheden; Gemotiveerd team in een informele & moderne werkomgeving;


Moderne informele cultuur


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Comsys Telecom & Media
Laan Blusse Van Oud Alblas 2A
3769AT Soesterberg

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