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As (senior) Scientist Biochemistry you play an important role in the development of enzymes and their related food applications and industrial processes, mainly in the field of vegetable oils and fats processing, as well as in related innovative food systems. You perform state-of-the-art biochemical experimental work in the laboratory, with a direct link to the envisaged applications. You can devise relevant technical (experimental) approaches (in house or outsourced), as well as analyze, interpret and report the results of these experiments to different levels of peers (from academia to industry). You also play a crucial role in the global business team with technical experts in the field.

For this vacancy we are looking for an experienced professional with the following background

  • MSc or PhD in in Biochemistry, Biochemical Engineering, Food Technology, Food Chemistry,with relevant experience
  • Advanced knowledge of enzymes and biochemical techniques
  • Experience with biochemical characterization of enzymes is a must
  • Experience with enzymatic (plant-derived) oil degumming or enzymatic oil processing is a major benefit
  • Experience in the food sector is an advantage
  • Excellent communicative skills
  • Valid work permit is a must

A highly innovative multinational active in various brances and a key player in the advanced food technologies

Innovative, driven and at the forefront of state-of the art technology

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Chemische producten / Petrochemische stoffen

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