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Mensen zien steeds meer in dat ze gelukkig worden van een baan die bij ze past. Technologie kan ervoor zorgen dat de juiste match ontstaat. Werk wordt steeds flexibeler, het wordt steeds makkelijker om van job te wisselen. Een droombaan zoeken is als het leven, veel trial and error! De uitzendbranche speelt hierin een belangrijke rol.

Helaas, deze vacature is niet langer actief

Originele vacaturetekst

Senior UX/UI Front-end Designer

As a Senior UX Designer you are responsible for:

Conducting user research and knowledge engineering

  • Defining clear end-users personas
  • Develop understanding of end-user needs
  • Map out the current way of working including pain-points
  • Help elicit domain knowledge by interviewing and by visualizing data aspects
  • Define and validate appropriate and intuitive interfaces and visualizations towards non-expert end users

Designing prototypes of how SW tools can support and optimize the current way of working

  • Designing prototypes of how SW tools can support and optimize the current way of working
  • Test prototypes with end-users and converge on an optimal software design

Collaborating with DevOps team to improve the software front-end

  • Make concrete recommendations on new product features to be implemented on the back-end
  • Build and test proof-of-concept front-end implementations
  • Work together with the DevOps team to integrate proof of concept features with the main product


You will be working in a multi-disciplinary team of data scientists, data engineers, machine learning engineers, physicists, computer scientists, and engineers. The team has been working for more than a year to develop powerful diagnostic software tools that are able to uncover causal relationships between complex EUV lithography equipment parameters and system performance.

Today, end-users still need to have a lot of specialized knowledge to understand the output of developed tooling and translate that into something that ASML can take action on. But 90% of end-users do not have a data science background. To create true value for ASML, developed diagnostic tooling needs to be (re)designed for use by non-data scientists. This is your challenge - designing the perfect front-end for developed diagnostic tooling that hides the complexity of the machine learning back-end, while supporting and optimizing the end user's way of working.

Master's qualification in UX Design , Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence or equivalent


  • Proven track record with >5 years of experience in UX Design/UI Design/Knowledge Engineering
  • Experience or affinity with front-end design for software tools, preferably related to diagnostics/Industry 4.0
  • Familiarity with interaction design and information architecture
  • Familiarity with knowledge engineering and information visualization
  • Knowledge of Python, ideally including with tooling commonly used by data scientists (Jupyter notebook, pyCharm)
  • Hands-on experience with developing front-end prototypes using tools like Dash, Plot.ly
  • Affinity with principles of machine-learning, physics and Big data are a plus

Context of the position

  • Within ASML, the sector Development & Engineering is responsible for the development, specification and design of new ASML products.
  • Within Development & Engineering, the CSI department delivers and advances state-of-the- art methods and techniques for the structural improvement of the performance and quality of scanner components.

Scholing: Bachelor/Master/PhD/

Over de werkgever

ASML is a successful Dutch high-tech enterprise that produces complex lithography systems used by chip manufacturers in the production of integrated circuits. ASML is at the cutting edge of this technology and delivers systems to all the world's leading chip manufacturers. ASML's employees are among the most creative talents in the fields of physics, mathematics, chemistry, mechanical engineering and software. Every day they collaborate in close-knit multidisciplinary teams in which members listen to and learn from one another and exchange ideas. It is the ideal environment for professional development and personal growth.

ASML is headquartered in Veldhoven, the Netherlands.

Uren per week: 40