Exportmanager / salesmanager traineeship

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We kickstart your international career!

Get ready to convince us you deserve 1 of our 8 exclusive places to develop an international market in our 1.000-day programme. Combining a full-time job in a Dutch company with training, guidance and mentoring by (inter)national experts.

You have to deliver

You will realise new client acquisition, building and maintaining relations across the globe. You will sell, be responsible for revenue growth. You will probably sleep in shitty hotels, or in the back of an Uber... Travel and dine alone most of the time...

We don’t care what you studied, if this is your first job or you’re about to make a career change. We care about your character, perseverance, commercial drive and entrepreneurial mindset. We require you have a degree from a vocational or higher education (mbo, hbo, wo) and are able to speak at least English on a professional level.

Excited? Let us know!

Send us your motivation and we invite you for an intake to manage expectations. Two things could happen; either we jointly conclude that it’s not going to work, or decide that you really should finalise your application.

It’s up to the jury of export managers on the 25th of March what happens next. If they decide that you are one of them, you’re ready for Bootcamp. Five intense masterclasses follow. These will prepare you for the matching with your future employer and the start of your career.

Since the company that employs you will seriously invest in you (full time salary & 3 year training) we ask you to make a small investment (€475) in yourself. We are not profit driven and will pay for the rest. All training days are on a top-notch location given by experts. Dinner and drinks are provided.

32 - 40

Over de werkgever

The Oranjewoud Export Academy wil recruit and select you and match you with your employer. Your employer will be a small of mediumsized company based in the Nothern part of the Netherlands (Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe). Those companies are active in various markets and sectors. The are all looking for an export/ sales (junior) manager.


A clear motivation for sales and training on the job

  • Er is geen minimale opleiding vereist
  • Voor deze functie is er geen minimale werkervaring vereist

Wat wij bieden

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