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Logistiek medewerker

Within Kuehne + Nagel we do the inbound and outbound proces for 3 big worldwide customers.
In this job there are various possibilities, for example orderpicking, scanning and packing.
You will be working in a big and enthousiastics team with a great working atmosphere


- You do have experience or affinity with logistics;- You're fulltime available and flexible for 2 shifts. The work is from Monday until Friday from 06.00-14.30 and 14.30-23.00 o'clock. (Sometimes we do also have different working times, for example 08.00-16.30 o'clock). The weekends you are free!
- In case you're interested in a parttime job, you must be available for at least 3 days from Monday until Friday;
- You must speak Dutch or English;- You're living in the neighbourhood of Helmond and have your own transport (public transport is not possible because of the workingstimes).- You agree with a starting salary from €9,98 (bruto) per hour in case you are 21 years or older. You also receive an extra allowance for the shiftwork before 07.00 o'clock and after 19.00 o'clock. This extra allowance is 135% of the salary. If you're doing a good job you get a salaris rais after 13 worked weeks. You salary will be €10,51 and 13 worked weeks later you can get another salary raise. You salary will be €10,92.

Scholing: LBO

Over de werkgever

Big, international and informal organisation in the logistics.

Wat wij bieden
We are offering you a nice and flexible job at Kuehne + Nagel in Helmond for longer time.
Kuehne + Nagel is a wellknown logistics organisation with a big location in Helmond. We are looking for logistics employees / orderpickers / scanners for the warehouse.
We are looking for people who can work fulltime.

You will be working in 2 shifts. From 06.00-14.30 and from 14.30-23.00 o'clock. This is changing every week.

Uren per week: 40

Contract: vast