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Nine Connections is looking for a talented Backend Developer to join our team. We are interested in someone who is interested in working with the newest technologies and who is curious to learn more about Artificial Intelligence. 


You will be working on the integration of user-facing elements with server side logic. You will also be building reusable code and libraries for future use and working on optimization of the application for maximum speed and scalability. Our project teams will see you as a valuable resource and contribution to successful implementations and customer satisfaction.




  • Experience in building server-side applications on the JVM, that have been used in production​
  • Experience Vert.x (or similar frameworks like Akka and Node.js).

About you:

  • You always strive to build reusable code and libraries for future use;
  • You have some years of experience in building server-side applications on the JVM, that have been used in production;
  • You have a relevant educational degree and demonstrable amount of work experience;
  • You are curious and passionate about social media, content, predictive technology and analytics;
  • You are flexible and don’t believe in the 9–5 mentality.

We offer a lot of professional freedom so a strong sense of responsibility and work ethic is paramount. As long as you have some server-side experience and the willingness to learn, we are ready to give you your fair chance.


What’s next?

If this sounds like you, just drop us a line as soon as possible. Tell us why you think you would be great for the job. You can apply via the button at this page.


Meet Esteban our Senior Backend Developer from Argentina, Misiones!


What’s a normal day for you in the office?

Basically, when I get a request to implement a new feature, the first thing I do is collect all the information and try to think of all the ways we can implement it technically.Then, I will select the technologies we could use and choose the one most suitable to the task. Then I estimate, plan the process and split it into smaller tasks. Finally we debate who does what in the team and what they will need. And then of course I start coding. In a way, I am the Google of the project.


What is the thing you enjoy the most in what you do?

I love the feeling of creating something. We work on a neural network and we’re building a kind of brain that understands articles and works out predictions.For example: if an article has been shared ten times, then based on historical data and how the data looks today, we try to recognize patterns and make predictions about its future behaviour.


What is the most embarrassing mistake you’ve made?

A very typical trend in frontend: when we test code we use ‘Hello world’ to see if it works. So I did that — and forgot to remove it. When we deployed every one of our customers saw my ‘Hello world’.


What is your signature dish?

One thing that I eat of, is a tuna rice salad, arroz con atun, with mayonnaise, oregano, pepper, and eggs. It’s something you can make in just 10 minutes. But it can also take half an hour. I just throw in what I feel like, stuff like onions and cheese.


What is the best lunch you had in this office so far?

The hamburgers from Burger Bar, or better even, Burgermeester, especially the Royal burger with eggs and fries.


What is something that no one knows about you?

I’m kind of a maniac with the dish washer. Every time I fill the dishwasher, I make sure everything is in its place. If not, I can easily spend more time removing and rearranging them. It’s like playing Tetris. I like to load it in the most effective way possible.

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