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HotelProfessionals -  Amsterdam

Functie omschrijving

Bedrijf: Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam


  • You check the clean condition every day: floors (including behind the counter), bathrooms, windows (inside/outside), external path and checks if the coffee machine, dishwasher and all other equipment is working properly;
  • You check the stock of all necessary products and ingredients and refill if necessary;
  • The barista opens the main door and checks that everything is in order;
  • You carry out methodical cleaning in the areas that are not cleaned every day and check that the refrigerators are clean as well as parts of the espresso machine and other equipment;
  • You are responsible for a clean and tidy workspace at the end of your shift, this includes:
  1. cleaning the counter, behind the counter, the espresso machine and all the equipment used (milk, cream, coffee, tea, counter, behind the counter, espresso machine);
  2. taking washed cups from the cup washer and prepare them so that they are ready for use;
  3. replacing all the materials which have been used during your shift;
  4. Refilling and keeping tidy of all condiment boxes and station.
  • You prepare all the products pertaining to you;
  • The barista checks the orders and deliveries of the products necessary for his job (bread, milk, soft drinks, coffee, fruit, various items);
  • Always ensure you have sufficient product knowledge to be able to answer questions regarding food & beverage ingredients and allergies;
  • Besides producing coffee, the barista is also responsible to handle transactions and to prepare and/or serve other food & beverage items;
  • A commercial attitude is required to strive for the highest possible revenue, quality and service.
At espressamente illy Amsterdam we’re looking to recruit a Coffee Barista and Café Attendant. The main objectives of this position are to create a nice and professional working environment, to take care of a clean workspace and place customer satisfaction above all. You are expected to be one of a complete team working together and supporting each other in all tasks relevant for the successful operation of the illy café including front of house and back of house duties.

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  • Vast


  • MBO


  • 3-5 jaar


  • Noord-holland


  • Horeca/recreatie/reizen