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This position has a strong focus on biochemical and immunological expertise. 

Your main responsibilities will be:

  • Chemical modification of bacterial surface molecules.
  • Analysis of antigen-antibody interactions.
  • Analyze carbohydrate, protein-, or glycoconjugate-based antigens.
  • Know, implement and improve established tests for carbohydrates, proteins, glycoconjugates, and particle-based vaccines.
  • Develop new biochemical methods (evaluate LoD, LoQ, accuracy, etc.)
  • With help from product development specialists, design and implement biochemical assays for in-process control (IPC), product characterization, and product release.
  • Support CROs to plan, execute, document, and review their work.

  • M.Sc. or B.Sc. with equivalent experience in Biological Science with at least 2-4 years of relevant experience in academia or biotech industry.
  • The position requires an in-depth knowledge of glycoprotein biochemistry and/or antigen-antibody interactions.
  • You have knowledge of biochemical literature with emphasis on carbohydrate antigens, biochemical assay development, optimization and troubleshooting.
  • Familiarity with automated or semi-automated instrumentation, while not required, would be advantageous, as would familiarity with the multi-disciplinary activities involving antigen-antibody interactions.
  • This role is intended to be a hands-on lab-based job with plenty opportunity to learn and develop new skillsets.
  • Problem solver, performing hands-on laboratory experiments.
  • Communicates clearly and efficiently.
  • Team player, able to manage and monitor work contracted to CROs.
  • Organize data efficiently (e.g. databases) and with data security in mind.
  • Operate and maintain analytical laboratory equipment.
  • Safety-conscious and fluent in English.
  • Computer skills: Excel, statistical analysis, databases, etc.

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