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Senior Agile Coach - Accommodations

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At, data drives our decisions. Technology is at our core. And innovation is everywhere. But our company is more than datasets, lines of code or A/B tests. We’re the thrill of the first night in a new place. The excitement of the next morning. The friends you make. The journeys you take. The sights you see. And the food you sample. Through our products, partners and people, we make it easier for everyone to experience the world.

About the Team

About the role

A Senior Coach has the capability to demonstrate advanced skills and competencies in the craft of agile software delivery within Accommodations Business Unit. They will be capable of taking on complex multi-team problems and will be able to draw on practical experience and modern industry practices that will help them solve challenges whilst ensuring they engage and influence the right audience. They will be competent in leading initiatives that solve complex problems, spearhead new thinking or establish new lasting behavioural patterns.

A Senior Agile Coach will have experience in varied environments inside and outside of, in an Engineering, Product or design background enabling the coach to pull on a broad range of experiences that working with Engineering teams demands. They can articulate problems they observe and determine how these are impacting the business. They can clearly communicate their assessment to all levels of the business in order to create buy-in as an enabler for change.

Senior Coaches may/are capable of teaching, mentoring and coaching their peers in order to improve the bar of the team. They will be well versed in educating and influencing their peers to understand new ways of solving problems, new ways of thinking, challenging the current thinking, new tools and if so, working with their peers to solve problems together in order to improve their peers’ capability.

A Senior Coach will be able to demonstrate the capability to drive a problem through, to draw on ideas past their standard tool kit, and, in experiencing new challenges be versed in seeing this through to completion whilst encouraging a growth mindset.

A Senior Coach will challenge their peers to think differently so as to improve the overall capability of the function.

A Senior Coach will be self-aware enough to recognise when they're dealing with a larger complex problem. For example, in a space where a customer problem exists that might be dealt with in an isolated fashion E.g. per team, a Senior Coach will be able to demonstrate the capability to drive effective delivery by rallying the right people to take hold of the problem and lead on a different way of thinking. By doing so, the Senior Coach is improving the capability of the wider engineering function.

A Senior Coach will continue to support objectives that are aligned with the businesses priorities. When supporting a piece of work, the coach will determine how and where they can best support the area to maximise value. The Senior Coach role remains a role that supports across the spectrum of a piece of work, which should involve supporting at product team level where necessary.


Work with teams to deliver working software

  • Is responsible to work with product and engineering structures to ensure they are focused on effective delivery of working software, by ensuring they break down the work, they think of the customer first, the value we want to achieve and they think about how this might be delivered in the most effective way
  • Is responsible to work with product and engineering teams to ensure there is a culture of continuous improvement, by working with teams/stakeholders where they regularly review, learn and implement effective change
  • Is responsible to solve problems pertaining to the delivery of working software, removing blockers and reduce dependencies by bringing subject matter experts together to agree suitable outcome and applying a holistic approach and analysis that focuses on the way the whole systems parts interrelate (Systems Thinking)
  • Is responsible to influence product teams to focus on the most effective delivery metrics (ideally working software) by working with teams to understand their delivery data, what this is showing them and how they might use the data to provide the most effective measure of success.
  • Is responsible to influence and guide individuals, teams and groups of teams the on continuous delivery of working software
  • Is responsible to mentor and coach members of the Product Family / Group / Team, by supporting them to continue guiding their own teams in continuous improvement.
  • Is responsible to mentor and coach on continuous improvement by guiding Agile Coaches on practices that they have experimented with.
  • Is responsible to influence and guide individuals, teams, groups and junior members of the team on the continuous delivery of working software by pulling, guiding and shaping delivery function principles.

Influencing Behavioural Change

  • Is responsible to influence product teams to continually learn and adapt by creating a culture where teams are open to try new approaches to delivery working software
  • Is responsible to influence teams to get early feedback by delivering working software in a single batch
  • Is responsible to evolve a teams culture to one of continuous improvement by highlighting problems and allowing teams to solve them
  • Ability to create sustainable pace by improving a teams planning and continuous delivery practices
  • Is responsible to instill a continuous improvement mindset by coaching and teaching teams the tools and techniques to continuously evolve their ways of working.
  • Is responsible to ensure they work to establish behavioural change that continues beyond their focus in the area they are supporting.
  • Is responsible to mentor and coach Agile Coaches on values, principles, and practices that the Senior AC has experimented with in order to create sustainable behavioural change.

Continuous Improvement

  • Is responsible to work at all levels to identify improvement by grasping the current situation, being able to articulate this clearly and define what the direction for improvement is.
  • Is responsible to achieve a target condition by recognising where you are, where you want to be and the steps to get there.
  • Ability to act on a decision, take ownership and demonstrate by doing.

Culture of psychological safety

  • Is responsible to enable teams to freely present ideas and thoughts by adopting a culture of openness and healthy conflict
  • Is responsible to identify and adopt a long term sustainable solution by using techniques like root cause analysis or 5 whys.
  • Is responsible to assist in crafting a culture of psychological safety in the Agile Coaching team by guiding the team so they continuously evolve their ideas and thoughts
  • Is responsible to ensure the root cause of an issue is identified and challenged. It may be that the root cause of an issue cannot be resolved but making it transparent is important

Stakeholder Management

  • Is responsible to identify key stakeholders of a project, plan or decision, by applying an understanding of how the parts of the organization and people are impacted.
  • Is responsible to create buy-in with stakeholders by effective communication, providing information, addressing their needs and concerns, with the ability to influence at all levels without the need for support.
  • Is responsible to analyse the impact of the change brought by the project on stakeholders and design a change management approach by applying change management principles, communication strategies whilst working closely with support roles.
  • Is responsible to support and guide more junior members on the team where required.


  • Is responsible to build commitment and obtain support for initiatives by applying emotional intelligence, persuasive communication, aligning stakeholder expectations with the ability to influence at all levels and without the need to support.
  • Is responsible to support and guide more junior members on the team where required.


  • Is responsible to work towards win-win outcomes by understanding the needs and motives of others, responding to them during negotiations with the ability to negotiate at all levels and without the need to support.
  • Is responsible to support and guide more junior members on the team where required.

Consulting / Advising

  • Is responsible for providing advisory services and solutions to relevant areas within the organization as required, by combining understanding of others challenges and needs with problem solving and effective communication, and by guiding more junior members of the team in this area.

Coaching and Mentoring

  • Is responsible to coach, guide and improve the overall performance of stakeholders and colleagues at all levels, when appropriate, by sharing experience, knowledge and approaches to work and guide more junior members of the team in this topic.
  • Level of Education - Bachelor degree
  • Years of relevant Job Knowledge - Advanced Knowledge (5 - 8 years)
  • Full understanding of the agile principles
  • Differing agile methodologies (e.g scrum or kanban)
  • Expert Knowledge in the software delivery life cycle including but not limited to continuous delivery and walking skeletons.
  • Relevant background in an Engineering or product role.
  • An opportunity to contribute to a high scale, complex, world renowned product and seeing real time impact of your work on millions of travelers worldwide.
  • Be part of a truly international fast paced environment and performance driven culture.
  • Various opportunities to grow technically and personally via side projects, hackathons, conferences and your involvement in the community.
  • Full relocation support for you and your family (if the case) to move to Amsterdam - one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe. We have fine-tuned this process by successfully relocating 300+ Technology professionals to Amsterdam in the last year alone!
  • Headquarters located in one of the most dynamic cities in Europe: Amsterdam
  • Performance-based company that offers 29 vacation days, career advancement, and lucrative compensation, including bonuses and stock potential
  • Discount on accommodations with the “Booking Deal” including other perks and benefits
  • Company-sponsored family and social activities to help our employees become integrated with each other and Dutch culture
  • Diverse and creative colleagues from every corner of the world
  • Generous relocation package, ensuring a smooth transition to working and living in Amsterdam
  • With over 70 different nationalities within the technology department alone, you will be able to absorb new skills and grow your career in a multicultural environment. is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and is an affirmative action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, colour, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status. We strive to move well beyond traditional equal opportunity and work to create an environment that allows everyone to thrive.

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