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Intern Engineering - Concept Study Installation Methods

Are you interested in performing a challenging multidisciplinary concept study, where besides engineering aspects, also constructability, operational aspects and costs have to be taken into consideration? To make this concept study a success, you will have to pro-actively seek the input and opinions from several different people from several Departments (Engineering, Production, Mission Equipment, Project Management, Commissioning Department and Design and Estimation/Proposals). These departments may have conflicting interests, so it will be up to you to come up with fair and balanced conclusions.

Internship Project Description

At IHC, the cutter ladder of Cutter Dredgers normally is installed using two costly high capacity sheer legs. (Or with one, no less expensive, heavy lift offshore vessel) Also, being dependent on a heavy lift contactor creates a project risk.

Normally, at the moment of installation, the gantry is complete; i.e. it is a full 'A-frame' consisting of two columns and a top beam. Because the top beam is in the way, the cutter ladder is not just lowered vertically onto its suspension points, but has to be lowered diagonally, where the sheer legs both have to connect to the cutter ladder aft of the gantry top beam. This results in higher loads on the forward sheerleg due the smaller moment arm relative to the cutter ladder's centre of gravity. Without the gantry's top beam, one sheerleg could therefore be smaller, thus reducing costs. However, this would result in other problems, as the gantry has to be finalized at a later stage, which has several consequences such as deformations of the gantry columns and schedule impact. Solutions for such problems may be conceivable, but have to be researched and judged on their pros and cons.

It would be interesting to investigate totally different methods of installing the cutter ladder and gantry, which do not require sheer legs at all. Each of the alternative methods should be screened on technical feasibility, costs and risks.

Different methods of installation might necessitate adapting (parts of) the design. Potentially, this could lead in the future to be able to execute projects at lower costs/ with less risks.

This project will include:

  • Analyzing the problem and issues;
  • Discussing with many different people to get their input;
  • Researching possible alternatives;
  • Sketching/drawing concept design and storyboards to clarify concepts;
  • Performing calculations to prove technical feasibility;
  • Validating concepts afterwards
  • Reporting

Your Profile

To be eligible for this position, you:

  • Are a HBO or TU student in Shipbuilding or Engineering;
  • Are communicative, as this study requires engaging several colleagues;
  • Are interested in tackling a broad scope;
  • Have a good command of Dutch and English, both verbal and written;
  • Have the ability to work independently and be self-critical.
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